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Another work in Terragen. Still hangin out by the water! :-) :-) Thanks for taking a look.


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08/08/06 5:48 PM GMT
Nice composition - it makes me want to be anywhere but my desk :)
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08/08/06 5:48 PM GMT
Yes lets please stayyyy by the water *smiles* the colors are awesome and the sky is perfect... mountainous areas look inviting..I just may take a walk
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08/08/06 5:56 PM GMT
Great shore line up front in this one Greg. Gives the impression of tidal motion quite well. Nice colors in the water as well. Looks good.
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08/08/06 5:57 PM GMT
I like it. Good water and sky.
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08/08/06 6:09 PM GMT
Nice composition and color. I especially like the water.
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08/08/06 6:14 PM GMT
Great image Greg.

I love the deep rich colors. Nice job!

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08/08/06 6:34 PM GMT
Well done Greg, it looks like a snorkel paradise to me. I hope there is something to see underwater.
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08/08/06 8:52 PM GMT
Very nicely done. Good colors and nice looking water.
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08/08/06 11:51 PM GMT
Really getting good at that water thing. That looks almost like a photo of the beach except for the jagged mountains. Colors and reflections are sharp man.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
08/09/06 1:04 AM GMT
Amazing work you create in this program ..I love it
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08/09/06 7:30 AM GMT
This is a splendid beach. I would like to walk along that shore and wade a bit in the beautiful water. It looks quite shallow so perhaps I could wade all the way to the opposite shore. It would be an idyllic excursion.
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08/09/06 6:21 PM GMT
Hi Greg,

I like this one even more than 'Deep End' because the lack of flora and fauna doesn't seem so stark in a beach scene. I love the colours you've introduced into this image.

Thanks for your message explaining that only the very latest version of Terregan allows you to put living things into the scenery. Really looking forward to seeing your work and what the software can produce when you've had time to tweek it to the fullest.
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08/10/06 12:05 AM GMT
I got this in the voting booth and liked it immediately. It's so soothing and the subtle colors are so easy on the eyes. Glad to be able to vote on it and thanks for sharing it Greg. Anita
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08/10/06 2:38 AM GMT
Thank you very much for looking at it and voting on Sandbar Anita.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
That's more important to me than a vote.

You have a WONDERFUL Gallery!!
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08/11/06 5:28 AM GMT
This is an excellent image you have done here. I like the water effects you have included. This is very realistic looking. Excellent work
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08/16/06 6:37 AM GMT
Good Work Keep it up ......
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08/17/06 2:44 AM GMT
SWEET! I wanna go there!
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08/26/06 2:29 AM GMT
Shit, oops i' mean shoot, how'd i miss this one. i know i know "dave you don't have to comment on every piece" but you haven't been doing as many pieces and the ones you've been doing are most certainly worthy of heres my damn thoughts, so just sit there and take it like a man, hear? For as much as i bitched about your water line hitting the beach on your latest piece, this one is've really put your viewers into this one, it's like i'm there and i know thats not easy. i know not many will pick up on it but i can see that for as much effort as you put into your water/waterline and middle ground mountains, to me what really makes it realistic, is the efforts you put into the background mountains, it really makes this piece for me. the way you've just started to blur the mountain to the far left and the little light colored one just off center, those are a couple of the hallmarks that make your pieces as good as they are...devils in the details man, and you've got the details right on. Beautiful work bro and to quote you "I'm not just blowin smoke up yer arse" hehe, dAVE
P.s uhh, whats up though with the green in the water...i see blue skys, brown mountains and tan beach, wheres the damn green coming from?some form of alien algae bloom, right? ; )
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10/09/06 10:58 PM GMT
AMAZING!! I adore this pic..... I have found so many of your works dazzling... cannot wait to see more! These are truly very soothing to my soul. Luv it! Thanks!!
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10/12/06 11:20 PM GMT
A Great all-round piece of Terragen work. The water is excellent, sand colour excellent... it's just excellent! Got me back into TG.
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11/23/06 2:55 AM GMT
Good Job!
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12/07/06 3:02 PM GMT
This looks like a place I went snorkling at in the caribbean. Awesome water as always, and the far shore looks great. 10 out of 10, man.
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01/19/07 5:47 AM GMT
Nice job I like the tones!
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03/24/07 3:05 AM GMT
thats a major relax pic
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04/17/07 2:20 PM GMT
Very pretty and realistic. I love it!
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08/25/07 10:50 PM GMT
Fantastic image!
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08/25/07 10:58 PM GMT
This is really beautiful. I really like the manip you have done here. Im not brave enough to do this and put it on here yet. AA+++
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09/24/07 4:48 PM GMT
Looks realistic..well done:)
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12/15/07 12:32 AM GMT
Thank you for sharing, outstanding. 10/10

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01/19/08 5:50 PM GMT
No words can't describe the xperience for me. Many many thanks. Saved and faved.
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01/19/10 1:14 AM GMT
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