Cold as Ice  

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Uploaded: 10/01/06 3:46 PM GMT
Cold as Ice
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Mourning the passing of summer.....:-( Thanks for taking a look.


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10/01/06 4:32 PM GMT
This place looks like it never sees a Summer. Cold ... Brrrrr and dark. Your title says it all Greg ... Very realistic and very well done.
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Just an old "Grampa" who still has a Kodak "Box" camera kicking around the attic ... learning and enjoying the wonders of modern digital photography.
10/01/06 4:48 PM GMT
A lovely image, well done :-)
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10/01/06 4:48 PM GMT
Wow! That is fantastic! Where in the world do all these shapes come together like this! Beautiful!

My only critique would be this. It looks like you did a little mod on some of the mountians in the background, and it could be just a touch too much. That, or my LCD is playing tricks on me. Either way, lovely shot.

Wow. On second look I just noticed the waves are all coming from the same point... Hmmm... did we catch some wildlife in this one?

Great job!
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You dont need to be able to out run a bear. Just make sure you can out run your friends! Take a look
10/01/06 4:51 PM GMT
Incredible creation with excellent color and just a magnificent over all pic.
Thanks for sharing, Don
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10/01/06 5:18 PM GMT
Lovely Greg!!! This is in celebration of our spring that just started!!! Great job once again!!!
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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
10/01/06 6:03 PM GMT
Amazing work !!

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joy is not in things, it's in us !!!
10/01/06 6:30 PM GMT
Very cool!!!
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I like my guys in guy pants. Thanks.
10/01/06 7:24 PM GMT
Wonderful work! No one ever does snow. I like everything about it, sky, lighting, color, water, everything. Excellent.
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I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is. Albert Camus ........ My Gallery
10/01/06 9:16 PM GMT
Really a great work you've done here. Very realistic.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
10/01/06 9:46 PM GMT
great work you have done with this one ..
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You do not have to thank me if I leave a comment on your image...unless you really want to. ..It is my pleasure to comment on your beautiful work.
10/02/06 12:52 AM GMT
Boy do I feel foolish! You are good!
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You dont need to be able to out run a bear. Just make sure you can out run your friends! Take a look
10/02/06 7:08 PM GMT
Nice work, I like the clouds they look as cold as the rest. What's swimming in the water?
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10/03/06 6:13 AM GMT
Sir, I just love this. Although looking cold, I love everything about it. Great work
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10/03/06 8:26 AM GMT
Stunning image. Looks so real and the color and compositions is superb. I donīt know so much of work done in a computer. But I sure recognize a superb work when I see it. A keeper for sure.
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10/03/06 3:08 PM GMT
WOW! You did jump back into your work...very, VERY COOL! great use of blacks and darks in general as well as creating the ice conveys the sense of cold and a harsh environment exceptionally well. another one yours into my favorites. Great work Greg, dAVE
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10/04/06 10:06 AM GMT
This is one cool image in more then one way. I love the icey edges on the shore and the snow cover is awesome. The clouds and the sky are wonderful. Excellent work
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10/04/06 5:31 PM GMT
Starkly cold...but stunningly beautiful!
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10/12/06 1:42 AM GMT
Somehow I missed this one. Great ripples in the water and I like the effect of the ice shelves, nice touch. Great job on this one.
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You remember the great fire from 1979 that supposedly started in your garage where that chipmunk ingested some fertilizer and fell into a can of kerosene, instantly turning into a flying little fluffy little molotov cocktail that set a blaze leveling the whole neighborhood west of Newton's Hardware Store?
04/08/07 4:48 PM GMT
I just saw this on the FI page and had to comment. It looks amazingly harsh and cold, but it is a fantastic image in every way. Just beautiful.
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11/18/12 11:03 PM GMT
Wow! Beautiful. I love the crispness of the scene.
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