Caedes T-Shirt (FrozenSolid)  

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Uploaded: 09/09/05 2:12 AM GMT
Caedes T-Shirt (FrozenSolid)
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I haven't been working in photoshop lately, but the T-shirt contest sounded like a good way to get back into it. I tried to create an attractive shirt that people would enjoy wearing, but i also included the caedes information and some of my favourite images. Xyccoc created the top-left image, Nmsmith did the top-right and bottom-right and Mayne took the wonderful picture that's in the bottom-left. I hope this doesn't look to complex or to much like a desktop background. Please view fullsize.


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09/09/05 3:26 AM GMT
I like the subtle color blending on the front. The images on the back might be spaced a bit too far apart I think. I imagine you would use that material you get on shirts sometimes that you can feel raised above the material, to make the logos and the frames around the images. I hope you know what I mean.

Not sure how you would apply a bevelled edge to the shirt though! ;-)
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09/09/05 3:32 AM GMT
looks interesting Rylee.. i agree with Sam on the front side.. the subtle difference looks good.. and again im glad you chose one of my images to be included.. good work..

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09/09/05 4:26 AM GMT
I love the colour of the shirts... its a good idea of images on the back.. wonder if we can choose what images or 1 large image on the back.. as for the front... i like it except for the writing of "desktop wallpapers".. but thats just my preference... its a nice shirt... well done...
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09/09/05 4:54 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments, I wanted the imaes a bit further apart so that they don't look like one big image, this way people notice them more separately. If you know what i mean. And I did think about the idea of a "raised" area on the spider and the writing, but i hadn't thought about the frames, I think it's a great idea. And thank you Dj, for letting me use your image. I'm glad people like the colours, it might be neat if we could choose the pics, or maybe get a small version of our gallery on the back. I put the "desktop wallpapers" so people who don't know about Caedes get an idea of the website. The front was also too plain before. Anyway thank you all for the comments!
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09/09/05 7:26 AM GMT
I really like the colour and the front..but I dont really think I like the "boxes" of photos on the back part...they should either all touch....and form ONE large square...of maybe faded into each other in a circle..or something like that...I like the modern looking swirls..very nice!!! But I agree, I dont think "desktop images" needs t be there...jsut is great!!
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09/09/05 2:14 PM GMT
I like this, one of the best I've seen so far! I like the the colors you have chosen, very tasteful. I would wear one with no problem. Great job on this, and I like the images on the back and the desktop wallpaer on the front. So many people do know about caedes and so very many do not, so I think letting people no what caedes is all about is grand idea.
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09/09/05 9:50 PM GMT
I love it.. This one I would wear..
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09/12/05 8:57 PM GMT
would never wear this...straight up...but its a nice design concept...just...not for a t shirt
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09/13/05 1:21 AM GMT
Thank you all for your comments! I never thought it would do so well, as I said before i thought the front looked too plain so I added "Desktop Wallpapers" I see that it's having some debate, if you would like to see a version without it, you can contact me. Thanks for the comments!
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09/13/05 3:59 PM GMT
I agree with steelwind. It is not good for a t-shirt. I wouldn't wear it. The biggest problm with it are the wallpapers on the shirt.
Though as a t-shirt here is a tip: if you really absolutely had to do this, take one image and feather it, designing the shirt around that image. It would look better.
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09/15/05 11:11 PM GMT
Fantastic work. Cost would mean that this would be very expensive to buy though.
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