5 Of Clubs (2nd Try)  

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Uploaded: 05/02/06 10:27 PM GMT
5 Of Clubs (2nd Try)
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This is a new take on my first version, (Link Here) Although it may seem like i just did a colour change, i actually started from scratch again, since I had to redo the leather and borders and all the other stuff. I prefer this one too my old one, Some people commented that they didn't like the red and pink together so i didn't change the colour too much with this one. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment!!!


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05/03/06 4:08 AM GMT
The 5 on the lower right of the right card should be upside down? Unless you puposely put it rightside up. But if you do that then you have to flip the "clubs" symbol and that will make the card look wierd. Looks great though, nice fractal in the background. Nice color choice, i like this one much better than the last. -noah nott
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Sky is the limit...uh, no its not!
05/04/06 5:01 AM GMT
This is neat keep up the good work
PS. I am back to my old account my Images beeing copyed problem has been dealt with ;)
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Keep your eyes open there will always be a challenge to tackle
05/05/06 9:52 PM GMT
Oh WOW! I really like this! Great job well done!!!
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07/12/06 6:35 PM GMT
This is fantastic. I really like this. I could so see this design while playing cards. I really love how you made the Caedes Spider. How did you do that? I've been trying for awhile now and can't quite get it. This is top notch! Sarah
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
09/02/06 1:31 AM GMT
Oh myyy these blues you have chosen are wonderful not to dark and not bright enough to wear shades....such soft tones too Im really enjoying this great design
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11/15/08 4:44 PM GMT
think this is better.
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09/06/09 6:17 PM GMT
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