Sound of silence  

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Uploaded: 02/01/04 11:15 PM GMT
Sound of silence
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Made with Terragen, one of many versions.


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02/02/04 12:22 AM GMT
very cool and realistic. nice job
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02/02/04 2:00 AM GMT
very nice - I usually don't comment on these unless it blows me away. This one does. The colors are outstanding with this scene. One one suggestion - higher resolution if possible.
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02/02/04 5:40 AM GMT
Very nice, good realism acheived here. Agree with Tracy about the res., also the terrain in the centre is a little angular, I would suggest generating another layer on top to add a bit more texture. I like the clouds, they really add to the mood.
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02/02/04 11:16 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments!

I would love to render it at a higher resolution, but the free version of Terragen is locked to a maximum of 1280x960 and the $79 USD required to unlock it is simply too much. :/
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02/02/04 4:39 PM GMT
Very good job indeed and one of the better ones I've seen! The distant landscapes always look best in Terragen and only when there is foreground does it take away from the realism of the image. I think the island peaks could have been softened a bit like the background mountains. The water and sky look awesome as well as the slight curvature of the water which gives a feeling of the vastness of the landscape. Overall it is a superb image:-)
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02/04/04 3:00 AM GMT
Oooohhhhh very nice Frux. It does look very realistic.
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02/08/04 9:25 PM GMT
...and the vision that was planted in my brain... still remains... within the sound of silence" :)

Amazing... Good work :)
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02/10/04 4:45 AM GMT
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02/14/04 3:42 AM GMT
Duh!!! I already knew that about the res... don't know why I said that... I think I've just said it so many times it's automatic...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/19/04 11:52 AM GMT
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02/21/04 6:28 AM GMT
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We are fragile. We dissolve in immensity like salt in water.-Adam Roberts
02/22/04 3:17 AM GMT
extremely realistic; je l'aime
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nil magnum nisi bonum
05/05/04 2:37 AM GMT
Lovely image, nice and contrasty. Very realistic and reminds me when I was travelling between the North and South Islands of New Zeland by ship.
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06/27/04 1:11 AM GMT
looks great! very realistic
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07/13/04 3:01 AM GMT
Very nice indeed. Love the overall feel. Damn, I think my feet got wet. :) Great work!
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08/21/04 5:11 PM GMT
I thought this was a real picture at first... good work...
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08/24/04 3:28 PM GMT
This just stuns me. Its like the morning in a dream. The color scheme is just flawless.
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09/05/04 8:04 PM GMT
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09/23/04 11:35 PM GMT
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10/04/04 12:05 AM GMT
This is gorgeous work. It always seems that Terragen makes much more realistic work than Bryce. You did a great job with composition, and making it look overall realistic. High marks from me.
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10/04/04 12:11 AM GMT
incredible picture, powerful title, 10 out of 10
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( CyPheR )
10/04/04 2:55 AM GMT
nice job on the water, most usually look fake but you realy captured it well 10/10
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11/07/04 11:11 PM GMT
Very peaceful...makes me want to be out there on a raft.
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02/18/05 12:21 AM GMT
^^^I agree! :)
However, the foremost cloud looks a little faux...not sure why. :p
Nice, overall.
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06/13/05 3:44 AM GMT
i still think its a picture ;)

hehe...just kidding. it is INCREDIBLE!
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07/15/05 7:45 PM GMT
Clouds looking good... in a terragen? what? The fog also looks good, it's a pain trying to get decent clouds but this really works for it. A good one.
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01/20/06 9:08 PM GMT
Wow I like this one a lot!
Looks like a place that a Dragon would live in!
Love It!
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09/01/06 8:32 PM GMT
Wow, this is totally awesome! Thought it was a photo when I first looked at it.
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05/07/08 8:47 PM GMT
Is this for the "a whole lot of nothing" contest? If it is, you did a great job! I like the idea, but I have seen something very similar in another gallery. Almost exactly the same. There are a few differences I noted right off the bat though, so they're not photo copies of one another or anything. I like the picture.
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