I See You  

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Uploaded: 03/10/07 5:30 AM GMT
I See You
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Made with the GIMP Fractal Flame plugin. I considered naming this picture "Wise Owl".


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03/10/07 3:16 PM GMT
Lovely pattern of curves here. I see what you mean about the owl for sure.

It seems a bit grainy. You might consider rendering this with better quality settings, though I always find it hard to tell from the tiny preview in Gimp what a flame will look like.

I don't know how long you've been experimenting with flames but I only see one other in your gallery, so I'm guessing this is a fairly early attempt. If so, you've done a reasonable job with this. It's a bit ordinary but that's the tough thing about learning - you're discovering anew what others have already done. Inevitable, I think. Keep at it and you will soon be churning out drama as fast as anybody.

Oh, and when you do - let me know how. I can't figure out how to get Gimp's flame plugin to produce anything at all interesting. This? Perhaps. But 'New Life'? No idea how you found that one in there!

Good work!

- cfr
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03/13/07 5:05 AM GMT
I'll agree on "grainy". Also, I'm wanting more detail. Cool idea though!
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03/14/07 12:11 AM GMT
I have to agree with the others. Give me more. Still it is a good image.
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03/14/07 2:31 AM GMT
I think it's pretty awesome. Keep doin whatcha doin.
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