Julian Treasure  

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Uploaded: 01/05/11 11:22 PM GMT
Julian Treasure
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Created with Apophysis 7 & Photoshop.
Best view in Full HD.

More info of the image creation in my comment below.


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01/05/11 11:47 PM GMT
Stunning colours and gorgeous work Ilian. A fantastic looking creation. I like the textures in the image. Wow!
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01/06/11 12:07 AM GMT
This rocks Ilian!!! This is unique and crafted well my friend:):) looks very futuristic!! Very nice render!!
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01/06/11 1:03 AM GMT
Rich and beautiful.
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01/06/11 3:59 AM GMT
Just gorgeous Ilian! I can't see how you made it with apop 7 though. I had to delete the darn thing cause it always crashed or disappeared off my screen! I'll stick with 3D, you've got an excellent piece of work here!
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01/07/11 8:35 PM GMT
It is gorgeous!! Reminds me of sunken treasures I have read about...imagine finding something like this while scuba diving:)
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01/09/11 4:21 AM GMT
I am thinking this takes quite a bit of time to create. Multiple renders followed by muti-layered work in PS? It is very impressive to me and I would love to know a little more of what goes into work like this.
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01/09/11 9:18 AM GMT
Thanks to interest.

Here is more info of this creation:

1. Apophysis 7X: render one image.
2. Paste it in Photoshop as layer.
3. In PS: crop the image using Erase Tool in same shape.
4. Make 3D effect using Layer Style/Blending Options/Drop Shadows, Beval and Emboss, Satin, Stroke.
5. Create new layer, based on stroke line. Make it as gold effect, using Layer Styles (Drop Shadows, Beval and Emboss, Color Overlay).

One section of image is ready now. Put all layers in one group. Try again with other renders in Apophysis (steps 1-5 more times) and collect it in final picture. (PS have many 3D groups yet. The limit is your imagination.)

6. Create a little more effects with Color Overlay and lens effect over the screen.
7. Can add more elements (such as orb or cube...) to create optical center of composition.

:) Post the result in and collect the VB from 1 to 10 simultaneously :)

Have a wonderful day!

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01/11/11 6:34 AM GMT
Very nice.. love the 3D embossed effect it looks like a beautiful bracelet.. nice work
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10/09/11 2:11 AM GMT
The colors and texture are splendid. An outstanding addition to any desktop.
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01/02/13 11:27 PM GMT
OMG one of my favorites, absolutely beautiful! =)
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05/10/16 3:06 PM GMT
Looks like this image has been out there for a while. But, I just discovered it and am finding it quite pleasing. Thanks for sharing your work!
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