Space in a Nutshell  

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Uploaded: 02/04/04 2:03 AM GMT
Space in a Nutshell
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Image D with PS7


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02/04/04 3:43 AM GMT
Oh wow that is realy cool. i give it a 10. and in my favorites
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02/04/04 6:08 AM GMT
Nice job! Very innovative and well executed. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/04/04 9:57 AM GMT
strange but interesting^^. the constrast between the dark green and this orange is rather special but it work well. nicely done.
the only thing( strangely )which seem to disturb a little is this white 'space' thing... not really necessary for me, but yes I suppose without it, the pic would be a little empty... maybe you could put something else...?
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02/04/04 10:17 AM GMT
Thank's guys. I understand your thinking Cain, as I went through that myself and yes, it definately did look empty without the white nexus. I might still play around with it though, there's plenty of time...
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What the heck is a Georf anyway? Answers on a postcard...
02/04/04 11:57 AM GMT
Great work,agree with Mary.
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carpe diem.
02/04/04 4:55 PM GMT
great work
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Sous le soleil, toutes choses doivent finir un jour / Under the sun, all things must finish one day ( Legolas Lord of the rings )
02/08/04 9:45 PM GMT
Nice job.
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02/20/04 9:36 AM GMT
Wow - this looks awesome on my desktop from a distance - well done!
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never give up
02/22/04 9:10 PM GMT
very nice grid system & i like the yellowish outline to the nutshell. cheeky title too. all in all good work : )
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"Ghalima!!!.......Ghalima!!! shakthi dhe!!!" - Evil Shaman from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
02/22/04 10:09 PM GMT
The name took almost as long to think up than the image took to do!
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What the heck is a Georf anyway? Answers on a postcard...
02/23/04 8:10 PM GMT
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When the rooster crows, it's time to WAKE UP!!!
02/25/04 6:40 PM GMT
im impressed its not streched like some of the others at higher res... :)
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02/29/04 10:38 AM GMT
i for one love that space thing in the shell, as well as the almost-olive-green background. great job.
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--------"May the soul of the emperor rain mousetraps on your head forever." --Daniel Stephens * "Eagles may fly, but weasles don't get sucked into jet intakes." --Jonathan McDowell-------
03/16/04 10:47 PM GMT
Cool concept
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If it were any less reliable, it would be called a ford
08/05/05 1:23 AM GMT
It's quite neet. I enjoy the contrasting colors of green and orange. Nicely done.
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