Ball Python  

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Uploaded: 05/13/05 9:35 PM GMT
Ball Python
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This picture was modified by my self and Death_By. You may have seen some of his work... "Life is only but a dream"


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05/13/05 10:15 PM GMT
I like what you have done with what I lovingly like to call old stubby nice contrast good work
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05/13/05 10:43 PM GMT
Great shot,,, his scales are very clear when viewed full... great work... :D
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"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away... I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away.... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay........."
05/15/05 2:26 AM GMT
Nice sharp color work. Definitely a beauty.
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05/16/05 11:48 PM GMT
I love the contrast of colors. Nice work.
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05/22/05 6:46 PM GMT
life is only but a dream... my signature says the same thing :)

i love what you had done with this image.. i simply can't resist that effect.. it makes a tremendous contrast.. vivid and vibrant yellow against the achromatic scale makes a perfect combination! i love the stunning details as well! and with the crystal clarity, this image deserves all the praise and highest marks from me :) it's a beautiful animal.. but i'm a bit afraid :)

thank you for sharing this wonderful work with us! have a nice day :)
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~~~ ...all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream... ~~~
05/24/05 4:31 AM GMT
WoW sence somany like this picture a lot ill do up anothrer one but better i hopr!!!!

SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH Must be very quiet im huntting rabbits HEHEHEEHEHE
(Elma fudd)
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06/23/05 3:16 AM GMT
Effin Awesome!
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07/16/05 5:56 PM GMT
Beautiful Python. If only you could breed them like that. Well done.
Sincerely, Fred
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12/04/05 8:33 PM GMT
o wow this is sweet !!!!!!!!
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12/09/05 12:20 AM GMT
wow! great job!

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08/25/06 8:03 PM GMT
The shot is extremely clear, and absolutely enticing!!!
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01/16/07 1:59 AM GMT
Very cool, and great quality. Very well done.
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05/30/07 1:57 PM GMT
So is the snake yours? I have one and i just love this image.
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Angelle "Live today like there is no tomorrow and if there is a tomorrow, make sure you make the best of it.
05/30/07 1:58 PM GMT
very kool!!!!
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"Too weird to live...too rare to die." ~Hunter S. Thompson
01/10/10 6:07 PM GMT
That's a scary python. Very well done image.
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