Fontainebleau Rocks (No1)  

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Uploaded: 08/11/10 3:10 PM GMT
Fontainebleau Rocks (No1)
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The forest of Fontainebleau surrounds the city and dozens of nearby villages. It is protected by France's Office National des ForÍts, and it is recognised as a French national park. It is a former royal hunting park often visited by hikers and horse riders. The forest is also well regarded for bouldering and is particularly popular among climbers, as the biggest developed area of that kind in the world. Here is the first post of my new series and my entry to the abstract contest. Hope you enjoy !!


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08/11/10 3:35 PM GMT
Very interesting nature/abstract subject my friend. First I didn't understand what was that. When I saw the other photo I saw the texture of this rock too. Before, I thought this was some kind of crocodile leather. :) Nice shot.

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08/11/10 4:49 PM GMT
What an interesting study of these rocks. they look to me like the skin of an ancient animal. Your use of light is masterful and I hope this does well in the competition.
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08/13/10 12:05 AM GMT
Really a COOL capture and like the textures of the rock.
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08/13/10 10:02 PM GMT
Fantastic shot - enigmatic, atmospheric and almost organic. High artistry indeed! I hardly need add that if it comes up in the Voting Booth for me, it's getting a 10.
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08/14/10 9:14 AM GMT
No comment other than "no comment". Sorry EvK
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