Stand Alone  

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Uploaded: 04/05/08 12:05 AM GMT
Stand Alone
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This is an upload for Noahs Thread !!

In Photoshop-- Adjusted curves / PictureCode - Noise Ninja / Mehdi - Absolute Color / Flaming Pear - Mr. Contrast / Cropped to 16x12.
Link to original noahnott's image

Any and all comments and critiques welcome!!


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04/05/08 12:15 AM GMT
Wow! The red sky gives a wonderful touch here. I feel many deepness on the horizon line. Very well done :-)
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04/05/08 12:51 AM GMT
I think this is a Wonderful Image.
But then I'm a Sucker for Silhouettes.

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04/05/08 12:52 AM GMT
Scorching work marra!!...Very well done for the an already great post!
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04/05/08 1:13 PM GMT
Interesting take Randy. And by that I do mean good good. :o)

Was caught in my thoughts there, as to how the focal point of interest with your edits shifts to that wonderful capture or I should say, inclusion of the moon by Noah in his original composition.

The reds and greys are a very nice touch.

Caveats? Hmm, would prefer a tad more clearer delineation of the silhouette myself and that probably just rests with me.

Curious as to which order your edits were performed. Think Noah might be able to weigh in on that note as order is important. 'Nuff said on my part.

Nice ... work. I like it and a well done to you indeed. :o)
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04/05/08 1:21 PM GMT
Stunning! Looks very good on my desktop. All those special effects and no artifacts. Great job.
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04/05/08 1:22 PM GMT
The colors and tree silhouette are very nice,looks really good.
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04/05/08 2:14 PM GMT
another beauty of Noah's picture, great work Randy!!
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04/05/08 7:18 PM GMT
Impressive take on this. Great idea to change the lower sky to red. Works well for me.

Ian :)
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04/05/08 8:05 PM GMT
Beautiful, thanks.
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04/05/08 10:27 PM GMT
Very nice work on this one! I like the colors you used.
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04/05/08 10:29 PM GMT
So Peaceful and gorgeous!Faved
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04/05/08 11:09 PM GMT
Wow Randy! Excellent work you did buddy! It sounds like it took you a long to do too. Well worth every minute!
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04/06/08 10:55 AM GMT
Hey all!! I'm pleased as punch that everyone enjoyed this piece!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
04/06/08 11:30 AM GMT
Terrific work, Randy.
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04/06/08 1:37 PM GMT
Looks familiar lol

A great rework - I like the pink tones, and you have given it a lot of atmosphere.
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04/07/08 5:08 AM GMT
Hi sure were thinking outside the box on this rework my friend. Good job too. The grays and the reds are quite dramatic. As the red fades into the gray in the sky, it almost appears greenish at times on my monitor. It is right about at the top of the tree.........probably just a gradient color. I think I have looked at this 'same' image too many times now!! lol
Good work :=)
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04/07/08 7:27 AM GMT
Randy, wonderful rework on Noah's image. The reddish tones are stunning. Very well done.
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04/07/08 10:36 AM GMT
Lovely colour, and very deep. I like the way you seem to have caught areas of the tree in light - it's hard to describe... it's not a more or less uniform black. Nice one. :-)
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04/07/08 1:33 PM GMT
Well that is so different to any of the others. It took me by surprise. The colour is one I see sometimes about an hour after sunset in the country. The top of the tree seems to be lost in the dark background imho. Otherwise itís a terrific interpretation of Noahís photo and a very pleasing one too.
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04/09/08 11:41 AM GMT
ohhh i might have ta have a go at this if i can ever get my new pc to work properly, kicks it to death and vows never to buy a ready made pc ever ever again! lol i like your colours here, its amazing all the different edits from the one shot
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04/22/08 2:34 AM GMT
Wonderful image and great presentation!
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05/07/09 2:47 PM GMT

Stunning and Beautiful!
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