Gandalf and his pipe  

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Uploaded: 08/16/11 8:03 AM GMT
Gandalf and his pipe
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a watercolour painting of gandalf i did, i am replacing my current entry in the tolkeinesqe contest with this one after i was looking at it on my wall this morning and thought why didnt i enter this into the contest?! probably cos i forgot about it, even though its next to my desk! lol.


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08/16/11 12:25 AM GMT
It does remind me of Gandalf - great painting!
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08/16/11 1:34 PM GMT
Wow girl you are eat up with talent!!! Best of luck to you in the contest:)
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08/16/11 1:44 PM GMT
A beautiful painting you created, Jan. Would love to have it hanging by my desk too. Love the detail on the painting & it's a perfect contest entry. Best wishes!
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"Packers Rock!"
08/16/11 2:20 PM GMT
Good Luck Jan.. very talented :-)! Mich
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08/16/11 2:34 PM GMT
I love this. Boy, you are quite an artist.
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08/16/11 3:19 PM GMT
Looks a bit like Ian McKellen, no? lol A wonderful job on this painting, Jan. You are a lady of many talents. I like his hair and his sagacious look. Well done.
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08/16/11 3:52 PM GMT
Very very nice work Jan ! I love his hair Jan & the texture on his robe. Good luck in the contest !
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08/16/11 5:56 PM GMT
May be a winning post! good luck in contest.
Wonderful presentation.
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08/16/11 7:28 PM GMT
My, my - aren't you the versatile one! LOL - excellent painting and it IS Gandalf!! Great entry and best of luck to you -
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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
08/16/11 9:23 PM GMT
I think this is a superb entry, and your very talented, I have faved this one Jan. ♥♥tigs=^..^=

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
08/16/11 10:32 PM GMT
You are not only a very good photograper you are a very good painter too, a woman of many talents. This is a great one for the contest. Good luck!
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08/17/11 3:14 PM GMT
I love LOVE LOVE this painting! It's a great portrayal of that old grey wizard we all know and love so well! Definitely going into my favorites. You have a lot of talent. Good luck in the contest!
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08/18/11 7:27 PM GMT
This is realllly good i like how it dosnt look like Ian mckellen, but thats just me.:)
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08/19/11 10:31 PM GMT
Thrilling work Jan!!! A superb choice for the contest and thanks for sharing your talent:):)
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08/22/11 9:38 AM GMT
I love the warm and dramatic colouring, and I would have this on my wall any day! His face is wonderful too; strong and reassuring. The rounded doorway in the background looks right for a hobbit abode. The texture of the hair... but I could go on. :-)

Best of luck in the contest. :-)

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08/22/11 9:37 PM GMT
Grats on first place in the contest. Well deserved!!
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08/22/11 10:17 PM GMT
Congrats Jan! I see you have as many talents as Gandalf!

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
08/22/11 10:53 PM GMT
Beautiful work, Jan. You are really talented. ...Ed
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08/23/11 2:17 AM GMT
Congrats on a well deserved first place in the contest JQ!
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08/23/11 5:34 AM GMT
Well done.
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08/23/11 8:00 AM GMT
JQ congratulations with your win in the contest well deserved.

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08/23/11 10:09 AM GMT
Congrats on your contest win Jan, well earned.
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08/23/11 1:56 PM GMT
Congratulations Jan - well deserved.
You are very talented.
Well done indeed :)
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08/23/11 2:24 PM GMT
Congratulations; I was pleased to see this up there... I suspected it might win. ;-)

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08/23/11 2:30 PM GMT
Congratulations... :-)!! Mich
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08/24/11 8:43 PM GMT
Congratulations Jan! You've captured Gandalf's expression very well indeed in this painting.
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08/27/11 11:02 PM GMT
WOW!! A super congrat's to you Jan for this {I knew this would win}creation of yours. Way to go. I tip my hat, this is wonderful:):)
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09/05/11 2:14 PM GMT
Congrats on your win!!!
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