Childhood Memory  

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Uploaded: 06/23/10 2:55 AM GMT
Childhood Memory
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I vividly remember riding this train as a young boy. I returned about 20 years later with my two sons to ride the old Narrow Gauge that travels from Silverton to Durango (southwest Colorado). I wonder if they will be back someday with their children.


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06/24/10 1:14 AM GMT
Wondering ? Is this the silverton freight, it quite a famous line, very nice in B&W. There is a song about this railline to
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I use a Pentax K-10D.
06/25/10 11:54 PM GMT
What a remarkable picture. B&W is the only way to go for this picture. I could almost see this a a scene in an old western. Thanks for such a great picture and corresponding memories. Both make the picture special.
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06/26/10 6:10 AM GMT
Awesome! I love the sense of nostalgia the picture and your caption lend. Makes me feel good!
Nice angle, great lighting, tones. Very good for black and white. I love it! Keep it up!

P.S. If you get a chance, take a look at my gallery. Any comments, criticisms, advice, etc. on any of my pics would be greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day!
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To take a photograph is to make a presentation of God's work. Do so Wisely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Christian Of Caedes~~
06/26/10 11:30 AM GMT
Great image, when I was a child I used to ride on a similar narrow gauge on the coast of Kent SE England and like you my children have had the chance to ride the same system.
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06/30/10 7:25 AM GMT
Great b/w photo. The best way to show us the importance of these railway nowadays. I like the rocky mountain and the reinforcmaent wall of stones as well.
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08/21/10 6:21 PM GMT
Beautiful image and a great job. Thanks for sharing and stuff.

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