Who ate the budgie??  

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Uploaded: 02/10/05 11:19 AM GMT
Who ate the budgie??
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Sorry for the title.. but thats what it looked like to me... lol... Not long after I made this.. i went outside and the neighbours cat had caught a bird.. all that was left was a pile of feathers... hence the title..... lol..... enjoy... Jacqueline


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02/10/05 12:22 AM GMT
This is sooooo cool and it really does look like a dead bird in some ways, especially with the feathery texture. I think the title is funny and very appropriate. Good work!!!
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02/10/05 12:49 AM GMT
I like the funnies too Jacqueline, hehe.
This is fantastic and the details are amazing. This is a must see full screen to appreciate what you have done here. I can't think of one thing I would change in this!
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02/10/05 1:24 PM GMT
I think it was my cat. Fun image. Love the "feathers".
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02/10/05 2:12 PM GMT
Love the "feathered" look, must have been a pretty bird. (hehe) Seriously, Jacqueline, great piece. The colors really pop against the black background.
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02/10/05 3:14 PM GMT
Beautiful work with Apophysis. Hope you're having a great day.
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02/10/05 3:16 PM GMT
***Moment of silence.....
Needs a warning. No actual living creatures were harmed in the making of this fractal.
Anyhoo, I'm with Alexis here. The black background gives it depth and the pleasing color combo and texture is enhanced.
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02/10/05 4:18 PM GMT
See that there are some feathers in every fractal you make, Jacqueline, and you get top marks from me. This is one of your best, good in all aspects - color, design, depth and details!
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02/10/05 6:02 PM GMT
Beautiful job Jacqueline. I like the softness of this one achieved by the use of colors. The design itself is beautiful and kudos to you.
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02/10/05 6:14 PM GMT
A unique image. I never considered purple and green complimentary, but they do work here to enhance the contrasting swirls.
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02/10/05 10:02 PM GMT
A shame about the bird but a fantastic outcome with this design and color that feathery look.:Pat.
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02/10/05 10:49 PM GMT
Beautiful feathers,I think my mom,s cat ate it.
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02/11/05 6:01 AM GMT
Looks like a very expensive budgie too ... the elizabeth taylor of budgies.

very nice work there, JD ... excellent color choice .. did you hire consultants?
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02/11/05 6:48 AM GMT
Lovely work and well done,Jacqueline.
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02/11/05 8:47 AM GMT
Wow did good on this one girlfriend! Love the feathery look, the title is cute, sorry about the bird (food chain thing). The colors are perfect here and would look even more perfect if they were hanging in a frame on the newly painted walls of my bedroom! Kudo's :))
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~ Mimi~
02/12/05 12:28 AM GMT
A Fav.
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04/10/05 1:35 PM GMT
I missed this one. It is superb. Great colours, and a wonderful style. I am not one to go overboard, but this gets awarded one of my rare 10's and (even rarer) into my 'favorites'.
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04/12/05 7:11 AM GMT
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05/12/05 6:29 PM GMT
cool! what's a budgie?

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05/12/05 6:30 PM GMT
cool! what's a budgie?

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08/28/05 2:09 AM GMT
This looks great, beautiful work on this! The image has almost a smooth fuzzy texture, just like a real feather, great job on this!
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09/23/05 9:51 PM GMT
awesome awesome job....great colors and textures!
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11/28/05 6:58 AM GMT
Came across this in the voting booth. Had to stop by and let ya know... Beautiful job! :o)
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01/04/06 8:16 PM GMT
Absolutely great.

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06/30/09 8:23 PM GMT
Oh, the poor budgie, lol
But a great pic, stunning colors and form!
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