Space Odessey  

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Uploaded: 05/23/05 12:32 AM GMT
Space Odessey
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Thought i would give all of you a break from my holiday pics... lol.... There are 4 of my fractals in this one... I was experimenting with CS2... thought it looked nice... enjoy....


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05/23/05 12:43 AM GMT
Very busy this one! Jammed packed with color. Like a color explosion! Pretty cool Jacqueline!
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( /-\ |= |) |=
05/23/05 12:55 AM GMT
Pretties again.. Love your photos, but love your fractals more.. Thank you!!!! Wild!!!! love it!!!! Looks absolutely fabulous full sized..
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05/23/05 4:21 AM GMT
This looks like someone booked a lazer light show the same time as fireworks! A major burst of color here. Fun af full view.
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When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance... Leanne Womack
05/23/05 4:45 AM GMT
Wow Jac..this looks like a nebula is space. Neat colors. Makes a cool desktop also. Looks like it was fun to make :))
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~ Mimi~
05/23/05 5:21 AM GMT
Superbe! Great in everyway! I love it ! Also looks like a firework! Bravo Jacqueline!:0))!
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05/23/05 2:11 PM GMT
A color explosion is a great description for this. Nice work, Jacqueline.
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05/24/05 5:23 AM GMT
Reminds me of dandelions (on acid)
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05/26/05 2:04 PM GMT
Awesome!!! Reminds me of fireworks!
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I'm walking on sunshine! Webshots
05/27/05 5:42 PM GMT
wow love it very nice image...... take care
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To the world you may be only one person but to one person you may be the world .......... take care ya'll
06/13/05 11:05 AM GMT
Nice one. It reminded me of final scenes from the movie, "Close encounters of the third kind".
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06/15/05 1:37 AM GMT
how pretty and colorful!
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07/28/05 6:50 AM GMT
if an architect could make a gallaxy this what it would look like ;)
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07/29/05 7:04 PM GMT
This does look nice! 4 different layers of different image right? This made my favorites.
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07/10/06 1:29 PM GMT
It kind of reminds like watching the birth of a supernova. Amazing piece of work
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10/11/06 2:31 PM GMT
very nice ! great !
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do it
02/28/07 10:38 PM GMT
This is lovely - like a star cradle of coloured light.

- cfr
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03/21/07 10:27 PM GMT
Can I use this as a backround for my book cover? Please. Please Email me back at Please. I love this so much.
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05/13/10 10:28 PM GMT
This one is so beautiful...
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08/28/11 4:09 AM GMT
Like an iridescent, space peacock. |)
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You've changed things. Forever.
09/29/12 2:50 PM GMT
Your work is truly exceptional. Excellent!!...must 'fave'...
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