Out of Place  

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Uploaded: 10/28/05 8:52 PM GMT
Out of Place
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Broken Rules -Mixing up Lines (many lines crossing over)......-Out of Balance (complete right side is solid foreground)......-Subject Partially Cropped (Moniter blocked by plant)......-Dead Center (not using rule of thirds) ......-Out of Focus (focus was set to the door rather then the moniter) ......-Wrong Exposure (image is clearly over exposed)......-What am I looking at/simplicity rule (Many distracting items to lead your eyes away)


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10/29/05 5:52 PM GMT
surprised no one has commented on this yet. despite its many photographic faux pas especially the scorched out exposre it still works really well as a still life study. A fine job of messing it up indeed :-)
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
10/31/05 7:36 AM GMT
Hmmm this is rather "washed out" looking..but things such as the door and the door handle...and that draped torn plastic...those are great textures and contrasts. Even the "dirty" cement blocks add interest...On the overall it sure fits the current contest theme...but the possibilities are there, if the photo were darker here and there..and some places, it would make it interesting. So I dont feel like its a total loss, but it does fit the contest very well...
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"It is not the language of the painters but the language of nature to which one had to listen."Vincent VanGogh
10/31/05 7:14 PM GMT
Despite everything my focus is right on that computer. Then, I venture out to all the other "out of place" aspects here. Love the shabby sheer curtains, the door, etc. Spent a long time looking. I ditto Phil's last comment! Good luck.
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11/01/05 5:40 AM GMT
Great angles and lighting! I absolutely love greenhouses, especially the abandoned type that you feature in your work. There are a number of really great triangles in all three dimensions (including the suggested triangle with the view plane brushing past the edge of the ajar door) and the cinder blocks work very well to anchor the shot. I also appreciate all the different types of white; there is the pasty white of the painted door, the soft glowing light of the panes and curtain, and the flat white of the monitor. You have staged this shot very well also, putting the viewer in a seperate space from the subject.
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11/01/05 5:24 PM GMT
Thanks all... the only thing that i staged in this photo was the moniter... everything else was arranged by the friendly homeless man that lives in there, at times i think he has it better then most of us
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11/05/05 12:25 AM GMT
I love that. I like the way the focus is more on the door, it makes you really look to find what the picture is really about, whereas with a picture of a flower centered and focused, you're like "flower, mmkay.." but with your photo you have to stop and look at it. Really good job.
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11/05/05 5:24 AM GMT
Wow, I like this alot. It's acutally a rather terrifiying shot. The disorder and lack of focus really seems like the point. It looks like everyone got killed a while back or something...nice job!
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11/07/05 3:30 PM GMT
One of the things I like a lot about this image is the way the contrast is set with dark outlining of the edges of the compositional elements. The door, the door frame, the plants are all overexposed is such a way as to make this look sort of like a charcoal sketch.
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ж Regmar ж
11/20/05 12:37 AM GMT
congrats on the win - well deserved :-)

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
11/20/05 12:49 AM GMT
Fantastic!!! The texture, and over-exposure makes this photo fantastic. I love it!!! This is a deserving winner.
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11/20/05 2:17 PM GMT
Hi Jeff, congrats on ur winning entry :~) very well done!
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Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
11/20/05 11:59 PM GMT
Wow. Thanks so much everyone. I just returned from Halifax (landed like 30min ago) with lots of pictures so this membership will help me post them. Thanks!
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I want something good to die for To make it beautiful to live. D70s w/18-70, 70-300
11/21/05 7:41 AM GMT
congrats for winning! great image and well deserved indeed. looking foward to seeing more of your work.
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Is this burning an eternal flame ?
11/22/05 10:15 PM GMT
Agree with trin. Although there are many competing aspects, the B&W decision unifies the work. Interest value/narrative is high too.
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11/23/05 4:55 PM GMT
A very strange, confusing image. Strange subject and even odder composition. Great work, a well deserved "Most Dramatic". Really do enjoy the harsh and stark black and white too.
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Here comes treble.
12/07/05 5:11 AM GMT
i love this image... its so unusual, and the comp. moniter in the center is so funny it just seems so out of place.
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