Everybody Rides II  

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Uploaded: 03/27/06 12:40 AM GMT
Everybody Rides II
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A Photoshop/Illustrator photomanip utilizing the ornate wrought iron NYC Subway Bryant Park Station entrance. The signs were made in Illustrator and imported in and adjusted to match the lighting...See Also: Everybody Rides


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03/28/06 7:20 AM GMT
Wow, very clever! You show a mastery of those applications that is light years ahead of mine . . . Love the subject.
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Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.
03/28/06 7:35 PM GMT
very clever. i was sure it was all for real so i had to go and read your description. youi did such a good job combining illustrator with psp. i just couldn't imagine a subway sign looking like that........TOO GOOD! jen
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03/28/06 9:07 PM GMT
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! :) This is coool!
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i'll be allright in a minute..just a bit stressed you might say...
04/06/06 8:01 PM GMT
Cool! And I love the idea! I think that some day I will finally go and live there! But as for now... The only thing I'd like to comment on is that the signs look too sharp and clean compared to the rest of the photograph. But then, why bother! That's why it's Artopolis! :)
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07/27/06 11:32 PM GMT
What a neat concept! Took me a while though to catch, but when I saw the caedes logo I knew something was up. This is very clever, I love things like that. Great job.
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