Ridin' the Youth Turnpike  

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Uploaded: 06/20/06 8:52 AM GMT
Ridin' the Youth Turnpike
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When you were young (and/or stupid) always had "Good Ol' Highway #21 - The Youth Turnpike" These exits signify what usually were your most important choices! (LOL) Oh...I found some more realistic highway fonts, too... See Also: Halfway Between...


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06/20/06 2:41 PM GMT
LOL... drat! I think I turned off at the wrong exit! :( Excellent manip, and I really enjoy your road sign series. Keep up the great (and entertaining) work! :)
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh. Please feel free to visit my Gallery. Your feedback and critiques are always greatly appreciated.
06/20/06 9:53 PM GMT
....have always loved getting off at the fast girl to speak! :) I love how you don't take yourself seriously, being able to have fun with your work....this site needs more of that! Excellent work....I love the humor!
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I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.... ~from "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg
06/20/06 10:59 PM GMT
SO 21 South will bring me into Stud City??????
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Since we cant change reality. Let us change our eyes in which we percieve reality. Nikos Kazantzakis.
06/22/06 6:37 AM GMT
Ok.....I wanna take the far left....the road not taken.....:)
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The Voting Booth is your friend..........:)
06/22/06 6:18 PM GMT
Mmmmm... How about beertown? Oh and I'm a big fan of Pizzaforbreakfastlunchanddinnerville. I think it was last weekend I was in the state of Hungover...
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06/28/06 5:15 AM GMT
Hmmm. This is in New Jersey, right? Like your sense of humor.
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