Artopolis Times - "2023 Bank Collapse"  

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Artopolis Times - "2023 Bank Collapse"
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--- Woww! Haven't posted one of these in a couple of years!

--- Now, don't get me wrong! Just because I don't post these on a regular basis - doesn't mean my Fantasy Counterpart is at all lax at HIS job in getting Mess County's (and Anystate's, for that matter) leading news circulation to its inquiring readers! No, no, no, NO!

--- On the current events at hand, there are now TWO US-based banks that have foundered... As I have implied in my my previous post, you will find that although the principal borrowers within the S&L crisis 35 years ago were more into real estate development than business start-up, both lenders then and now utilized "under-the-table" mishandling practices that are very much similar - Thus not suggesting an economic issue, insomuch as a GREED issue! My question is, "Who's next?"

"Back Issue": "46th POTUS"...


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03/19/23 9:35 PM GMT
Greed and corruption I fear.
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