Itsy Bitsy Spider  

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Uploaded: 06/30/15 10:54 AM GMT
Itsy Bitsy Spider
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I have had this shot for years, but just now decided to post it as a black and white.


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06/30/15 11:15 AM GMT
...went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out....

An excellent entry to BWC, Jimbob!
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06/30/15 11:34 AM GMT
Even though I am not that keen on spiders (having been bitten with drastic results) I do love this image with the diamond-like raindrops on the web. B&W suits it and thank you for putting it in the BWC :)
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06/30/15 12:04 AM GMT
The Spider at the center of the web, A nice shot Jimbob.
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06/30/15 1:04 PM GMT
Great shot of the web & spider JimBob, and the gray wood along the left hand side is very pretty. Nice work.
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06/30/15 1:28 PM GMT
It's totally amazing to see them construct their webs, great shot.
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06/30/15 1:29 PM GMT
Excellent shot Jimbob good luck in the challenge.
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06/30/15 1:51 PM GMT
Great shot!!!, Great details
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06/30/15 2:30 PM GMT
Very good challenge entry Jimbob, I really like the lighting, and details of the web. tigs=^..^=
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06/30/15 3:02 PM GMT
Excellent details here Jim and looks particularly good in B&W I think.
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06/30/15 3:36 PM GMT
The web is clearly visible against the black background. This makes a good entry for the b/W challenge Jimbob.
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06/30/15 6:10 PM GMT
Looks good..You may snare first prize...R.
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06/30/15 7:34 PM GMT
I do like the spider and his web - also the wood frame gives your image nice depth - Well Done Jimbob!!!!!!!
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06/30/15 7:58 PM GMT
Wow, Fabulous shot and B/W challenge, excellent detail in the spider web, Bravo Jimbob, it's a winner in my eyes
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06/30/15 8:35 PM GMT
Nice work Jim.
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06/30/15 11:51 PM GMT
WOW! Terrific capture and super for the challenge. And by the way I like it for a backgroud screen too.
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07/01/15 10:58 PM GMT
Perfect for the B&W Challenge Jim. I love the light just catching the web.
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07/02/15 2:57 AM GMT
Outstanding capture! The spider and web almost looked like a reverse negative to me. Very well done.
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07/14/15 1:16 AM GMT
A great capture of the web spinner, Jimbob. Nice textures and DoF in the photo.
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