No Name Beauty  

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Uploaded: 05/24/13 1:19 AM GMT
No Name Beauty
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Gosh, I just couldn't think of a good title! I made it with Mandelbulb 3D...that much I can tell, please view full size for its cool textures and I thank you for all the views and comments my friends. By the way, I'm free as a bird now and creating!!!


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05/24/13 5:21 AM GMT
I think it's a great name, great textures, colors, lighting and effects! All around super cool work Joanie!!
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05/24/13 8:08 AM GMT
That's a winner....R.
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05/24/13 10:03 AM GMT
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05/24/13 10:25 AM GMT
It is a beauty, Joanie .
Wonderful design and colors .
Glad the stitches are gone !
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05/24/13 11:24 AM GMT
Glorious color, and excellent design Joanie a fave for me, I love it!! =^..^=Tigs
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/24/13 12:01 AM GMT
Very impressive on full screen, Joanie. I like the colour tones and the design. Very nice job.
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05/24/13 12:01 AM GMT
Gorgeous piece!
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05/24/13 3:00 PM GMT
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05/24/13 3:13 PM GMT
This should go full screen...then you can see the nice blending of the colors....makes for a very pleasing desktop.
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05/24/13 7:03 PM GMT
Great DT Joanie - saved and up now!
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05/25/13 1:29 AM GMT
Spectacular, wow from me, love those colours and looks like a bunch of ribbons
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Have a Beautiful Bright Day, Skates
05/31/13 5:33 PM GMT
Love the bold colors ... excellent, Joanie.
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