Arabian Stallion 2  

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Uploaded: 06/14/10 5:26 PM GMT
Arabian Stallion 2
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I did a little editing to bring out the contrast. Tell me what you think and thanks for any comments.


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06/14/10 10:07 PM GMT
Yes much better, I like the first one, but this shows up so much more. ♥:)sandi♥ =^..^=

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06/14/10 11:17 PM GMT
I like them both. This one did indeed bring out the contrast of this beauty of this strong stallion.

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06/15/10 2:20 AM GMT
Kayley - I like the drawing and your post-photo work in this posting. Thad
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06/15/10 7:04 AM GMT
Very professionally done Kayley

This is so easy on the eye...well done!..
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06/18/10 3:07 PM GMT
The drawing looks great, but I think you may have over-contrasted the image (I can't be sure without seeing the original).

When scanning an image like this (and I've scanned drawings and been annoyed with the scanner), first lower the gamma (this is different from brightness) in the image and then up the contrast slightly. Make sure you don't overdo it, though; over-processing an image can ruin the small details and subtle gradations of value, making it look blown out.

A great, simple editor I love to use for simple editing is IrfanView. This allows you to do some more advanced editing than a program like Window's built in image software.
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06/19/10 1:04 PM GMT
wow it's great drawing ...i love it so much& the details too
keep it up.. GOOD LUCK...^^
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06/22/10 2:33 PM GMT
What an amazing drawing. You did a great job with the details.
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06/22/10 3:31 PM GMT
what an amazing drawing, like the dust around the horses legs, thanks for sharing
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07/05/10 1:40 AM GMT
Fantastic job.
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07/16/10 7:53 PM GMT
Hello Kayley....I have to say this is excellent work....You have in your drawing displayed the beauty,energy and movement of the horse....I like this very much....Well done....All the very best to you Kayley...............................Mick.
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07/20/10 1:36 PM GMT
Beautiful. Great job.

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01/20/12 1:14 AM GMT
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