Baltic Sea  

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Uploaded: 10/10/08 10:38 PM GMT
Baltic Sea
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10/11/08 2:26 AM GMT
Very good work. Like the composition and the motion in the swirl.
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10/11/08 3:02 AM GMT
excellent use of low available light. yes.. I know the sun's still bright.. but everywhere else isn't ;-)

As Rick said in his comments above mine, the motion in the swirl, as well as it's capture of the low sunlight.. very very nice.
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10/11/08 10:18 AM GMT
Thats a superb piccy :)
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10/11/08 10:53 PM GMT
The water looks like dark liquid gold ...
Magic image I would say.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
10/12/08 12:30 AM GMT
The boat and water would have been an obvious point for most people, what sends it over the top for me is that you backed up a few paces to get the swirling, seeping sand on shore and the smooth texture lower right. Good job composing this one.
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10/12/08 12:33 AM GMT
It's all have been said already above /\

Gorgeous shot with good lighting and compo:)
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10/12/08 4:02 PM GMT
I love it!
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10/12/08 6:59 PM GMT
This is a lovely sunset shot. I like the swirls and the wonderful colors.
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10/16/08 9:48 AM GMT
I believe this is one of the better sunset pictures I have seen. It certainly deserves its CI.
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10/19/08 7:24 PM GMT
Great sunset well taken..
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10/23/08 1:13 AM GMT
Beautiful scene and sunset, good color and composition
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10/28/08 4:14 PM GMT
Congratulations on such a nice capture of the Baltic Sea and on such a high C-index. It looks like the last few minutes before it gets completely dark.
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09/05/09 2:12 PM GMT
Amber seas and amber skies. Such sharp reflections... And the ship's perfect, too. Love it.
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07/31/10 4:56 AM GMT
Incredibly beautiful!
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