Ocean Treasure  

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Uploaded: 02/03/06 3:36 PM GMT
Ocean Treasure
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Another mermaid sketch.


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02/03/06 3:59 PM GMT
I'm sorry, but I think this is just cool ! Really well done, & I love those subtle shadings of blue, a terrific job !
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02/03/06 4:00 PM GMT
I didn't at first realize that this was yours, Rachael. I was thinking to myself, "This person has some real talent!" Then I noticed it was yours, and had one of those "daddy" moments. :) I've been thinking of doing a "real" drawing and submitting it to Caedes. You're inspiring me.
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02/03/06 5:45 PM GMT
wow rachael, thats fantastic! i really like the level of detail, as well as the expression on the mermaid's face.
great artwork!
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Somethings are just.. Wonderful
02/03/06 5:57 PM GMT
Outstanding Rachael! My mouth dropped open when I saw this. You're amazingly talented!
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02/03/06 7:41 PM GMT
Wow! Thank you for the great compliments. Dad, I look forward to seeing a drawing from you!
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02/03/06 8:41 PM GMT
How are you so talented? this looks so impossible to make :D really nice job, great shading, great detail...keep up the great work :D
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02/04/06 1:57 AM GMT
Wow this is amazing!!! I love it. Great work!!!
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02/05/06 10:25 PM GMT
surely is a mouth dropper!....nice
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02/11/06 12:38 AM GMT
Wow Rachael! That is one scary little mermaid you've got there! I like the color choices you went with. This is just brilliant! I can hardly wait to see your next creation!..=)
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02/14/06 5:52 PM GMT
This is a nice subtle piece. Good work.
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03/22/06 1:42 PM GMT
great picture! i wish i could draw the human body like you :)
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03/26/06 9:53 PM GMT
The colours are well chosen and blended, the detail is incredible and the expression on that face is priceless. She looks like she's trying to lure you into the deep.
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04/04/06 8:02 PM GMT
wow! I don't like it....I love it! I draw sometimes and this is so great. not just because it's great detail and realism and all but also the professional kind style. This image really works great as a wallpaper. Kudos!
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04/25/06 2:38 PM GMT
Its soo beautiful- you are very talented- which makes me hate you, no just joking, lol- but this is a wonderful piece of art!!
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07/08/06 4:52 PM GMT
very very lovely

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08/01/06 3:48 AM GMT
this is cool! very nice!
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12/30/06 10:29 PM GMT
the fantasy
its just amazing
verry fanks for sharing
this one is defenedly in my FAVORITE'S

writed with love,
siete (homeshot)
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05/16/07 12:37 AM GMT
Lovely work and colour.

- cfr
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10/05/07 10:35 AM GMT

Nice job on this mermaid!! They way you have drawn it is different form others, great to see something different!! Nice colours too!! Faved!

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