Thanks for Smoking  

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Uploaded: 03/28/08 8:52 PM GMT
Thanks for Smoking
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03/28/08 9:57 PM GMT
That sign is very explicit. I'm not sure that I've ever seen such a pushy and demanding sign. haha. Guess that lady didn't care!
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03/29/08 12:50 AM GMT
That's a great picture for the contest. Let's give her a little credit, though. She probably didn't see the sign. And even if she did, she most likely thought that it meant No Smoking right there in front of the sign. Around the corner surely must be acceptable. Logical, don't ya think?

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I'd rather be here, than where I'm at
03/29/08 1:53 AM GMT
Lol. we silly humans. great shot. good luck in the contest.

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03/29/08 2:06 AM GMT
Excellent idea for the contest! Being a newbie to the medical proffesion, it really ticks me off when people smoke by a no-smoking sign at a hospital, of all places. Still, it is amusing to me in an ironic way.
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04/01/08 5:40 PM GMT
Love it!
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09/07/08 11:26 AM GMT
Very funny capture! Well done.

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05/28/09 4:25 PM GMT
That is so funny you wonder sometimes what the heck was she thinking?
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Eva Karin Jacob
08/26/09 4:21 PM GMT
Ironic don't you think?
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07/11/13 5:07 PM GMT
Hahaha! At least she wasnt purposely blowing cig smoke into your face!!! I've encountered that experience one too many on bike paths.
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