Flocking For Fish  

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Uploaded: 11/03/08 7:43 PM GMT
Flocking For Fish
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Took this image in 1989 with a 10 panoramic film camera bought at the airport on the way to Portugal. This shot was on the Costa Da Caparica, just outside Lisbon, when the birds (look like Herring gulls and Black Backed gulls) come in to feast on the surplus of excess fish floating around when the fishing nets are dragged in from the sea every evening. So if you can forgive the less than perfect quality (from the original and the scan I just did on my home scanner), which I've tried to improve on with Ninja noise reduction, saturation, histogram and sharpness alterations in PSP9 (+ film strip to emphasize it's from a film, not digital), the result might please some of you. At the time (age 15) I was over the moon with this :-). Thanks for looking!!


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11/03/08 10:50 PM GMT
very very nice shot keep it up
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11/04/08 1:26 AM GMT
bang bang bang! Reload! Haha just teasing, I really like the film effect! Keep up the good work!
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11/04/08 3:50 AM GMT
This is really wonderful! Love the film reel border and for an action shot it's pretty clear. Nice post :)
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carissa =D
11/04/08 4:59 PM GMT
Very good picture of the birds,nice colors too.
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11/05/08 3:53 AM GMT
I'm really happy with this, nice story with the image too. Looks great once the software modifications have been applied. Thanks for posting this one. :)
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11/05/08 5:58 AM GMT
Nice action here and I like how you framed it.
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11/18/08 8:20 PM GMT
One word came to mind when I viewed this at full size..."Chaos"! The composition is excellent. You've completely filled the frame and put a lot of work into the scanned image. Well done Rich!
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The best things in life are free.
12/19/08 1:28 AM GMT
I simply love the negative frame Richard
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If you have a garden please feed the birds this freezing winter, & supply drinking water not ice, it's so important. . . . Help dwindling bird numbers survive.
02/12/11 12:41 AM GMT
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Everyday i'm very apprecieted with life and life keep going but what now we are doing for our life must be going?

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