Bradgate House  

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Uploaded: 01/03/11 12:29 AM GMT
Bradgate House
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The 15th century ruins in Bradgate Park, (part of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England). Stitched together from about six images. Original dimensions 120cm by 65cm and 63MB in size.


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01/04/11 2:06 AM GMT
Love it! Very Wuthering Heights and sends a shiver down your spine. I particularly like the perspective and the snow. Beautiful. A huge picture that would look great on the wall of my living room!
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What is life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare - and take pictures!
01/04/11 3:17 AM GMT
I must say that I love the color combinations in your posting. The blue skies go beautifully with the burnt red building and the earth tones in the foreground native vegetation. From a compositional point of view I was always told to eliminate as much sky as possible unless the sky adds drama to the shot. In this case the sky is a delightful blue, but that's about it. Unfortunately if you crop out any sky from the top, the shape of the photo is way out of kilter; so I'm not sure if there's a fix. Beautiful shot by the way. I'd give this a solid 7 in the VB.

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01/04/11 5:52 PM GMT
Amazingly Beautiful!!!
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01/06/11 8:59 AM GMT
Fabulous work pal...

worthy of a framed mural on a wall!..
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