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Uploaded: 04/29/06 9:13 PM GMT
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Filip and Tia Maria on the summer camp. I have clone out the fence in front of them. Hope you like it.


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04/29/06 9:34 PM GMT
I like what you have done with this image and you've don an excellent job cloning the fence out.
They look like buddies to the last.
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04/29/06 9:53 PM GMT
Beautiful work Mariana! You might want to take out those two poles in the back also. Excellent image, great clarity and composition. High marks!
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God is Love
04/29/06 10:25 PM GMT
Was it hard to clone out the fence? You did a great job and the horses are adorable. I like the framing as well.
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04/30/06 3:28 AM GMT
Great shot. Love them horses. Very well done.
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04/30/06 5:02 AM GMT
Oh my gosh Mariana. I feel like I could step right into this picture and pet these adorable friends. You did a superb job of cloning out the fence and the colors here a beautiful. You have great clarity and high quality. The composition is spot on. I absolutely love the framing that you did. The flowers in the front of the horses softens this image and makes it different from other animal shots. The hue might be a bit too much since the little horse has a touch of purple to it, but otherwise, really good. The road in the background draws the viewers eye right into the depth of this image and I think that is what makes me feel like I can step into it. Very well done. These pretty equines are trotting right into my favorite's folder on my harddrive and I am going to run them on my screensaver slideshow. Thank you for all the hard work.The image looks looks great! :~)
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04/30/06 7:53 AM GMT
You have treated the photograph well, I see of it nothing.
The two horses can handle certain well each other.
Beautiful picture.
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Be happy. Enjoys our earth...Lien.
04/30/06 9:23 AM GMT
This is your best horse-photo so far in my opinion! It so beautiful I can stare at it all day!
I just love it=)
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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes =D
04/30/06 11:50 AM GMT
Magnifico job on the clean-up Mariana!!

They're so fun to see!! Great pic and layout!!
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05/03/06 11:00 PM GMT
I like how the fur of the brown horse is shining in the sunlight thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work
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Keep your eyes open there will always be a challenge to tackle
05/06/06 10:55 PM GMT
Beautiful shot... wonderful lighting and colours, fantastic work cloning out the fence you cant see where it was.. very well done
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05/08/06 7:00 PM GMT
Beautiful image. The colors are so sharp. I like the light purple shade on the small horse, even if it's a mistake :) I can't even tell that there was a fence in front of them. The flowers in front of the horses add a nice softness to the image. Lovely frame with the green, and is a fabulous wallpaper. Thanks for all your work...
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05/08/08 12:43 AM GMT
Saw your excellent image on the front page and just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is. Great clone work also.
sandi ♪ ♫
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
12/03/09 3:19 PM GMT
Yes i hope the horses don't get out now..Nice sharp picture..R.
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12/04/09 4:12 PM GMT
Very nice shot! I would rather see it with a black border though :)
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04/01/10 12:14 AM GMT
i like it a lot!!!!! :)
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03/13/15 12:43 AM GMT
OMG, this is Fab-u-lous - downloaded and fav'd. Gorgeous horse and being a horse person - outstanding capture and presentation
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