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Uploaded: 10/02/04 3:38 AM GMT
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Diamond by MrXwild -------------- COMMENTS APPRECIATED and Please Vote Please see my other creations by seaching MrXwild in the wallpaper search bar. Thank You


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10/02/04 3:50 AM GMT
Thank you Ruby for supporting so many people on here! And, Thanks to everyone for taking the time to view my work. I hope you enjoy it.

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10/02/04 12:24 AM GMT
They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend but I think it is people like you who are.This is beautiful. Into my favs, a perfect 10, and a great big thank you!!!!!
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Ange "If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, find someone to carry you." Firefly
10/02/04 7:53 PM GMT
This is striking~! Great colors and composition.
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There are two ways to spread the light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -Edith Wharton
10/07/04 2:04 PM GMT
That is amazing and a very unique color selection. i think it looks radical.
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10/08/04 4:09 AM GMT
Thanks again! for those viewing this image for the first time, Please Vote! it really helps to get updated art into the galleries.
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Whatever you imagine, is reality.
10/16/04 1:53 AM GMT
I really like the color scheme, and it's absolutely great fullsize. Thanks for posting, James.
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"Egotism is just the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."
10/16/04 1:55 AM GMT
Oh, and by the way, I definitely gave it a 10/10 and in my favorites!
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"Egotism is just the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."
12/23/04 6:57 AM GMT
My son, an IT expert at an unusually successful high tech enterprise, confirms that your talent is rare - a diamond in the rough, and so a vote of 10 is conferred..
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02/12/05 10:34 PM GMT
love the red, orange, yellow and maroon colors! this is odly intriuging. i like it!!
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03/04/05 8:26 PM GMT
oooooooooooooo. pretty colors. Cookies!
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06/18/05 1:26 AM GMT
I love it very nice
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08/22/05 4:32 AM GMT
I love sparkly things (I sound so educated!), so this picture just jumped out at me! Beautiful color scheme... one in purples, blues, and greens would also be stunning. Lovely!
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Christ loves me the way I am, and too much to let me stay that way.
10/22/05 10:37 PM GMT
Great job. If only i could pluck it out of the computer. lol
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In my mind and around the bend, there you'll find my imaginary friend. And if you walk on down the road, there you'll find my humble abode. Go around the back and toward the sea, and there you will find, little me...
12/15/05 10:27 PM GMT
Beautiful colours 10/10
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01/04/06 7:23 PM GMT
I love sparkly things, too LOL This is great; you have to view it full-screen to get the total's wonderful!!
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01/30/06 8:21 AM GMT
Makes a great desktop!!
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02/11/06 5:13 AM GMT
I must have most of what you have done downloaded. This looks so real, I could put it on my finger.
Outstanding. Totally realistic.
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05/07/06 3:10 PM GMT
OOOHH SHINEY!!! I like it, if it was round and blue, it would look like the Hope Diamond. Anyway, great job.
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So what if I leave awesome but oddly random comments. I'm 12 years old, what do you want?
08/04/06 7:41 AM GMT
wolderfull thanks
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11/23/06 2:48 AM GMT
This is so pretty! I love it!
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09/18/07 2:40 PM GMT
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11/12/11 11:33 AM GMT
What a beautiful wallpaper! Definitely one for the ladies and i am no exception, i love it, particularly the gorgeous colours!
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