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Therapy By: James A. Jones Created with Bryce and Photoshop 7.0 --- Your opinion matters.---- Please feel free to comment--- Please see my image gallery by clicking on my icon. Thank You, Xwild


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10/31/04 1:28 AM GMT
Where is the chair for the psychiatrist......and his clipboard? I like this...very interesting
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Ange "Abnormality is the normality at this locality."
10/31/04 1:43 AM GMT
Wonderful imagaination and creative skill to realize your image. Very provocative visualization.
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"No wonder nobody comes here, it's too crowded." -Yogi Berra
10/31/04 5:27 AM GMT
Great and nice work.And great idea.Beautiful and well done,James.
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Carpe diem. Graphics Galore
10/31/04 5:36 AM GMT
Very good, great title and well illustrated. The lighting is quite fitting to the title! Good job. Thank you :))
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~ Mimi~ (^_^)
10/31/04 6:10 AM GMT
Very' Very Nice an excellent image. Well thoght out , well composed.
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
10/31/04 8:06 PM GMT
I really appreciate the kind words! It took me awhile and a few attemtps before I got it right. But I was really pleased with the final result.

Thanks Again everyone!
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Whatever you imagine, is reality.
11/01/04 4:55 PM GMT
Looks like you've thought of everything...a comfy chair, a gorgeous sky, and even a bottle of pop...looks and feels good to me. : Pat.
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Measure your life by your smiles-not tears Measure your age by your friends-not years. (Chinese Proverb)
11/02/04 1:53 PM GMT
R&R here I come!
Well done once again!
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11/04/04 4:47 AM GMT
Thank you all very much I really appreciate it. I guess the 72 hours it took for it to render was worth it. I think it was, and I'm glad you all do too. Thanks again for all of the great comments and for the time that you took to write them.

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Whatever you imagine, is reality.
01/09/05 2:51 PM GMT
I would gladly pay a visit to your clinic! Great work.
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From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.
01/12/05 2:08 AM GMT
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01/27/05 5:23 AM GMT
pretty cool
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07/01/05 8:11 PM GMT
send it to sharper image !!! great job
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07/09/05 3:43 PM GMT
Amazing! I feel more relaxed just looking at it! This is going on my desktop right away!
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Powerful women are either sexually voracious rulers like Catherine the Great or Elizabeth 1, or treacherous bitches like Cleopatra or Helen of Troy - Celia Brayfield
07/13/05 3:49 AM GMT
That is Amazing Man, Great Work.....hopefully I'll make it to that level someday, what type of training is needed to mold like that....killer picture !!!
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02/11/06 4:57 AM GMT
I'm sitting here studying the construction, especially the design of the support structure for the underside of that chair. If you didn't copy that from something, then you missed your calling-that of engineer.

Never have I seen a pic assigned a more appropo title. Does it ever fit. You might want to quit what your doing, designed therapy chairs and retire rich!
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05/08/06 6:50 PM GMT
Would therapy be this heavenly? I wish. Wonderful colors.
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07/23/06 9:36 PM GMT
This is so beautiful! How are you coming to this? I see it was already on my harddisk :) Very creative and interesting image, if feels relaxed when i look at it. That's what it should do with you. Compliments!
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~ Natures Inspiration ~
02/09/07 8:28 PM GMT
Awesome! An original title. A 'feel good' image.
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03/19/07 3:26 AM GMT
Marvellous, but why do I suspect this represents the results of therapy for the therapist and not the process of therapy for the therapee?!

- cfr
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01/20/09 8:37 PM GMT
5 years later still excelent
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05/29/13 5:28 AM GMT
This deserves it's own canvas and spotlight! WOW! Beautiful!
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01/19/17 6:57 AM GMT
...Saw this on the Homepage...likey...
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