Heavens Cross  

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Uploaded: 11/08/04 10:48 PM GMT
Heavens Cross
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Heavens Cross By James A. Jones--Created with BRYCE-- To see the other images that I have created please click on my icon and click the painters palette. Thank You, Xwild


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11/08/04 11:24 PM GMT
This is my favorite one yet. Touches me deep within.
Great job.
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11/09/04 12:28 AM GMT
Excellent 3D! Very fitting choice of colors. The shape of the object reminds me of an hourglass, which does wonders to enhance the symbolism of it all. The horizonless background stretching into the distance fits perfectly, too.
Just the edges or the object ... I find myself wishing they were rounder ...
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"A beginning is a very delicate time." - Hurk?!
11/09/04 1:21 AM GMT
Sleek and terrific idea for desktop. I like everything about it except the size. Would love to see the image downscaled a bit to just within the framing.
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There are two ways to spread the light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -Edith Wharton
11/09/04 3:03 AM GMT
Wow I appreciate all the great comments, and I will take all your suggestions to hearrt. I'm planning on doing another image like this. So your iinput is important and appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Whatever you imagine, is reality.
11/11/04 10:54 PM GMT
Oh wow...this is just awesome...i must say this is just really wonderful...i am speechless
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Ange What does not kill us makes us stronger.
11/12/04 6:01 PM GMT
I am amazed at how well the pillars turned out. I like the reflectivity of the whole thing. Good job!
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3.1415926535897932384626433832795 = Pi!
11/13/04 5:25 PM GMT
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11/14/04 7:09 AM GMT
Wonderful 3D render!
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Freedom is only a state of mind
12/25/04 11:01 PM GMT
oh so pretty. I Absolutely love it!
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we cant depend on people and things to make us happy. only God and his love can do that!
02/28/05 3:08 PM GMT
The 3-D is great and the luster of the metal is great!
Good job
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04/23/05 3:50 AM GMT
I love this picture!!! It is now my wall paper on my computer.
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04/24/05 7:31 AM GMT
Thank You everyone, It's my life's wall paper.

Thank You!
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Whatever you imagine is reality.
07/30/05 2:15 AM GMT
VERY good detail
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01/18/06 3:36 PM GMT
heavenly and divine
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03/25/06 1:57 AM GMT
I love the way that you made the metal look. Good job!
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06/01/06 8:24 PM GMT
Great work!! James. Hyper real fantasy image with wonderful depth of field.
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
07/23/06 11:50 AM GMT
very beautiful! Had this in Voting Booth just now...and had to see afterwards, who created it. Amazing! Thanks for such a beautiful piece for my desktop!
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10/15/06 9:01 PM GMT
One of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen.Such beautiful color and detail,we could all use more of this in our lives.....thanx,firehawk78
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03/25/07 4:30 PM GMT
This is absolutly stunning, good work! Such beautiful colour and detail, I have to put it in my desktop. Thank-you very much!
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04/01/08 1:33 AM GMT
There should be more christen pictures on your web site, this one is beautiful.

R. F.
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08/29/08 6:01 PM GMT
This is beatiful.... I canīt discribe it in words.
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