Shape Shifter  

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Uploaded: 01/10/05 12:39 AM GMT
Shape Shifter
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Shape Shifter How many shapes are in this image? I have no idea I gave up. haha. Please let me know what you think.--Help to Support The Members of Caedes Please Vote--Thank You-- Xwild


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01/10/05 1:27 AM GMT
lol... ok... im done counting... too many shappeess, but I bet you I could match it with my high marks to this one... awesome image.
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'-"I see", said the blind man to the deaf mute.' My recent gallery....... Select Image- Deep Blue. -Finally got a camera!
01/10/05 4:33 AM GMT
Ooo this is neat :D Nice the energy. High marks.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb
01/10/05 12:52 AM GMT
an phenonminal piece i really like it well done high marks from me
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end - Gaz :-)
01/10/05 10:15 PM GMT
I have three kids standing right by me as I'm looking through these. They say, "COOOL!" to this one. I agree. Awesome job. I'm envious.
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01/12/05 7:08 PM GMT

Christopher Perisho
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02/01/05 5:44 AM GMT
This is a stunning image - 10/10! I am drawn to the colours and the contrast of dark and light.
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The way to know life is to love many things. .:Van Gogh:.
07/05/05 10:05 AM GMT
It looks like a lot of orange broken glass but this is an excellent image nice job

"There is no good or evil everyone is a shade of grey"
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10/14/05 8:49 PM GMT
Again, more beautiful work, such bright colors and imagination,i love it!
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01/04/06 7:30 PM GMT
Great colors, love the mixture of light and dark.
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07/22/06 3:57 PM GMT
Wows - fantastic shapes, and way too many to count! This really gives a jolt to the eyes. I see orange jelly squares, and many broken pieces. Excellent design, as its hard to stop looking! Love the clarity and the brilliant oranges, yellows with the black.The light and dark contrast works well. I think it would be better without the bright glow at the top, it seems to be a distraction. I got to vote and gave you high marks..super work!!
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09/27/06 3:41 PM GMT
like this alot! bold bright colours and basic shapes in a world of chaos! love the contrasting sides of the scene too! good work :)
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05/11/24 10:39 AM GMT
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