On the Hunt  

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Uploaded: 04/29/05 11:46 PM GMT
On the Hunt
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On the Hunt- I hope you enjoy this image. If you do please vote.- This image is dedicated to the "AIR CAV" stationed around the world. Thank you for the Great Job, and we hope you're home soon. Thanks Agiain!, Xwild


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04/30/05 1:01 AM GMT
Wow! I really really love this! Very nice, instantly my new background. Thank you for such an amazing image!
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04/30/05 1:59 AM GMT
Picture perfect render. Beautiful birds. =0)
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04/30/05 2:10 AM GMT
Thank you for the comnents and the votes!
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04/30/05 4:54 AM GMT
I wish I knew some help flyers in Iraq, this would be an instant hit with them!! Fantastic Job James!!!
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04/30/05 12:08 AM GMT
Nice work Mr. X. You appear to have got your mojo working on stuff like this. The attention to detail is amazing.
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05/01/05 1:02 AM GMT
A very impressive and complex model. I like it.
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05/04/05 1:26 AM GMT
well it's ok...just kidding man amazing work
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05/04/05 3:26 AM GMT
that is crazy.. exceptional job, you are the man.
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click here for pure excellence
05/04/05 3:29 AM GMT
Agree with Andy...definately surpassed any 3D images I've seen skill level wise. Nice job
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05/07/05 4:45 PM GMT
i like it very much
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05/07/05 11:31 PM GMT
From the thumbnail, I thought, man how the hell did you get this shot, but then I looked at it fullscreen...this is just AWESOME. Props to you!! And yeah, a big thanks goes out to all our troops and their families!
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05/10/05 9:50 PM GMT
simply thankyou
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06/17/05 3:01 PM GMT
My second fave helicopter (Beaten only by the Lynx).

As everyone else has said, great job, very very impressed with the time and effort that must have gone into this work. You raised a bar alright with this work, seriously, not seen this kinda stuff since I visited wolfies den and saw some of his 3D rendered vehicles, so well done.
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06/17/05 9:23 PM GMT
Thanks everyone I really appreciate it!!
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Whatever you imagine is reality.
10/26/05 3:36 PM GMT
Remarkable attention to detail, I'd say.

Not my first introduction to this type of imagery, but, close. Your other one was, ;) .

This is strong, with a capital 'S.' Again, fantastic detail and almost picture-like rendering. I am amazed. I love the title and it along with, and more importantly of course, the actual image, it does convey a mood and a feel. One of precision and determination.

One suggestion, and again, this is a small one, the lighted dune, could be taken down a tad to avoid a somewhat washed out area in the overall image. You have set the bar so high with your own work, I find it somewhat ironic that you are also the recipient of my silly suggestion here, lol.

On a more serious note, because it is quite evident that you can do it, I am curious as to whether there would be a marked improvement or not. Perhaps, marginal at best, I am not sure. It does not ... does not detract from your work here. It remains a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

(p.s. That sand caught in the updraft? ... genius.)
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11/01/05 3:14 PM GMT
God Bless America!
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04/06/06 9:03 PM GMT
Very nice, except it just looks "rendered." Perhaps if you made the helocopters look a tad more grungy or something... I don't know. A little less perfect.
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05/17/06 2:25 AM GMT
words cant describe your work. they really cant
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05/17/06 2:38 AM GMT
also i dont believe apachee's can carry sidewinders on the tips of their wings, but hey, it looks cool!
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05/25/06 4:48 PM GMT
Hey Mr. X great image I'm currently in Honduras (Central-America) working with the U.S.Army and I thought it would be awesome to have this as my background on My Space but I don't know how you feel about that I've seen alot of images on here but to me this is the one well anyway if that's not possible I understand Thanks Brian
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01/23/07 8:09 PM GMT
Makes a fantastic wallpaper. Brilliant, well done.
Cheers! Ray.
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05/26/07 3:30 AM GMT
JAMES! This is the best pic ever!! Got my top marks and in my favourite, try a Helix gunship
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10/29/07 2:38 AM GMT
Brillant work my friend. Thanks for sharing and stuff.

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