The 1st Skull Crystal  

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Uploaded: 03/08/06 3:49 AM GMT
The 1st Skull Crystal
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I got the idea for this image from the Discovery Channel. I was watching a show about 13 crystals that are all shaped as skulls. Nobody knows how they were made. Only 6 have been found so far. Legend has it that once all of the 13 are found. It is supposed to open a Gateway to technology that we have never known. I thank everyone that has taken the time to view my artwork. All I ask is, if you like this image please take a moment to vote. Thank You, James Jones


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03/08/06 4:05 AM GMT
cool image. and intersting story. i'll have to look into that sometime. :-P
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03/08/06 10:48 AM GMT
I realy like this image but I would like to see a plain one like the ones in the museams.
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03/08/06 1:13 PM GMT
Absolutely Coooool..! Interesting story..
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03/21/06 11:40 PM GMT
Nice one Mr X. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysteries had a couple of programmes about them.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
03/29/06 5:15 AM GMT
Very cool. I'd also like to know more about the legend!
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06/22/06 5:54 AM GMT
DAMN DUDE thats going into my favorites GOOD JOB!!!
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08/23/06 1:52 AM GMT
wow, nice render. Very nice, realistic. Not sure about the red splotches, though. But then again, who knows what the rest of those skulls look like. BTW, I also watched a program on those skulls. nice.
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12/15/06 8:59 PM GMT
Nice work...the eye sockets need more depth, it looks like it has on glasses...But I think it is a wonderful renedering.
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12/20/11 12:48 AM GMT
I had to fave this one.
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