May Be Mist.  

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Uploaded: 05/26/08 6:14 AM GMT
May Be Mist.
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A simple fractal. Basically just a bunch of sinuous lines but when rendered with the "filter" radius as high as 1.3 the blur becomes integral to the aesthetic quality of the image. It doesn't get much simpler than this but I love the effect. You're sure to see it again.




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05/26/08 6:47 AM GMT
Same colour as my bed sheet!!..could it be that eh?..

Nice soothing piece mate!
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05/26/08 7:10 AM GMT
Works for me. Great colour and soothing ambiance. Good job!
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05/26/08 10:58 AM GMT
Normally, I have to admit, fractals are not my cup of tea but this is gorgeous. The colour and the pattern combine to make,as Bob says, a wonderful soothing piece of art.
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05/26/08 4:17 PM GMT
I love the colors you chose, kind of looks to me like a lovely sunset reflecting on the ocean!
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carissa =D
05/26/08 5:25 PM GMT
Fractals aren't my thing either but this one is quite beautiful. Makes me want to take the boat out at night :) It inspires the same feeling you get watching the lapping water. To me this one is more similar to a painting than a typical fractal. Very, very nice Mikel...
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05/26/08 6:04 PM GMT
Wonderful colors and a Fabulous fractal work.Wow.
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05/26/08 7:38 PM GMT
Thats very clever I think. It`s very simple looking but relly works well. Very smooth flowing lines as well. This must have been tough to make. Very nice indeed.

Ian :)
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05/27/08 2:45 AM GMT
Bob's bedsheets? Riiiiiiiiight!! I like this, Makes for an excellent desktop. Keeper.
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05/27/08 6:58 AM GMT
Smooth and flowing... like a purple fog bank moving in off the sea...
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05/27/08 4:13 PM GMT
For sure, this work is under rated !!!
This mist is just stunning.
Well done.
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05/27/08 5:19 PM GMT
Faved and saved and on my DT, thanks bud.
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05/28/08 11:26 AM GMT
This looks like soft waves of water. Very beautiful work!
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05/28/08 4:50 PM GMT
i really love this one too, when opened up full size it is like some kinky bedsheets, lol, i love the flow and the light and shades.
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06/14/08 5:19 PM GMT
purple is my favorite color. This goes right on my desktop. Thanks...I love it!
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09/10/08 4:26 PM GMT
Mist? Glad it wasn't missed! Nice and easy on the eyes.
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Stand by me!
07/06/09 9:42 AM GMT
Cool, soothing effect. Could be a mist, Bob's bedsheets, a calm ocean....
Whatever it is, I like it. Do some more!! LOL
Faved and saved!
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