Kiandra Goldfields: Scars.  

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Uploaded: 04/25/09 6:49 AM GMT
Kiandra Goldfields: Scars.
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The Kiandra Goldfields were pretty much defunct by the turn of last century. Even 100 years later you can still see the scars on the land, the artificial ponds, presumably small open cut mines in the past, mullock heaps and erosion scars all over the area. Nor have the trees grown back. Alpine environments are delicate even if they look rugged. Our damage lasts a long time. Despite our scars I still find it beautiful.




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04/25/09 6:56 AM GMT
Superb camera shot pal...excellent wide scape too!....

yeah!...industry really makes a mess of things eh!...
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04/25/09 7:45 AM GMT
For in the wild places of the world There is that primitive silence That yet contains birdsong and the cries of animals, Where the wind rattles the tambourines of the trees And water makes music over the frets of the rocks. At night one could imagine that the stars might sing The forgotten music of the spheres. Here might be found true peace.

A wonderful photo.
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
04/25/09 11:35 AM GMT
Have they tried replanting the alpine environment? Nice shot none the less!
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04/25/09 1:45 PM GMT
I too still see the beauty in this vast open land mass. Scars and all. Enjoy the lighting and flow. Can't help wondering what it may be like in the dark...
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04/25/09 2:44 PM GMT
Gorgeous, beautiful presentation.
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04/25/09 7:19 PM GMT
I find the use of light and shadow and the effect they have on the hues of the countryside quite fascinating. A well composed and captured post Mikel.

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04/26/09 3:01 AM GMT
It is beautiful even with its scars. Maybe someday they will heal. Wonderful image, Mikel.
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04/26/09 3:22 AM GMT
When I visited Mt St. Helens last year, I had the same feeling that I'm getting from your post. It's beautiful in its starkness and even though the damage done here was done by man, the damage I saw slowly healing on that volcano was done by Mother Nature herself. I guess our old Earth just keeps struggling to stay ahead of all the curves that are thrown at it.

Lovely sentiment in your narrative and a great post.

:) PJ
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04/26/09 4:50 AM GMT
This is breathtaking. I don't know your technique, but it sure does work. Amazing how you can make something that with the naked eye wouldn't seem photo worthy. But you sure do know how to make it beautiful. Great job my friend and a 10 in my book.
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04/26/09 3:43 PM GMT
The lighting here is fantastic...the play of shadows and light is right on. It's really nicely composed with the meandering stream and the rolling hills...I like how the trail really mimics the stream too.
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04/26/09 11:06 PM GMT
Absolutely Breathtaken,Mikel..Faved.
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04/27/09 5:50 PM GMT
Watching your magnificent photo, I feel like an eagle my friend !!
Breathtaking shot with impressive details.
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04/29/09 3:16 PM GMT
It is beautiful Mikel - the colors are brilliant. Those two ponds on the left side are a beautiful blue. The trail looks as though it is filled with water way in the distance - maybe water can help erase mans ruin.
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