The Beginning  

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Uploaded: 07/14/11 1:09 AM GMT
The Beginning
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My first work, a vase with metallic roses in it being reflected by the wall and floor. Enjoy and feel free to comment :) Made: Maya -- Render: Mental Ray


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07/14/11 2:48 AM GMT
Mission accomplished.

And for the record, since my monitor is a CRT (me still luvs me monitor's colour reproduction) ... the suggested (optimal) viewing size for your image here is 1152 X 864. Or, a 4:3 screen aspect ratio.

Back to your image..

Suggestion.. add in the program/software you used in your image's accompanying narrative, might provide a leaping off point for some advice, tips. (Click "Edit" .. make changes, click "Edit".. at bottom left of window dialogue ... and done.)

The glass look and reflections are good good. Render is fairly clean.


Might have been tempted to crop this one some. There is a goodly amount of negative or empty space that could be sacrificed (in my humble opinion) to tighten things up and strengthen your image on a compositional note.

That nonsense of mine aside..

Welcome to the site.

Look forward to seeing some more stuff from you. :o)
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07/15/11 12:29 AM GMT
Very creative. And welcome to Caedes. I have found a lot of good people who are both encouraging and helpful. I've learned a lot here from various points of view. Be creative and use the tips/advice you like. Love the metal rose in this one ;)
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07/17/11 7:15 AM GMT
Agree with Les on this one. The random shapes at the back are a little distracting, and very bland. You might try putting some photograph behind your work to add visual impact.
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