Coloured Crazies  

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Uploaded: 06/25/05 6:51 AM GMT
Coloured Crazies
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This is my first participation in a contest... and I just wanna have fun... I'm not so sure this picture is ok, but I'm training with Photoshop, so...


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06/25/05 5:04 PM GMT
Well, I like it. It's nice clean work and your pop colors stand out. I also like your font choice. Coca-cola style.
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06/25/05 5:55 PM GMT
Very nice..
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06/25/05 8:34 PM GMT
Very pretty. I think if you had colored the background and butterflies it would have been too much. Good work and good luck.
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06/25/05 11:05 PM GMT
Well I think you have the right idea with the font, which of course is instantly recognisable. But the subject should also reflect some aspect of popular culture, which this doesn't really do. That doesn't mean it's "bad" in any way, I just think you could probably make something which fits the "Pop art" genre better.
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06/26/05 8:27 AM GMT
I thank you all for commenting!!!

@+Samatar: You're right! I agree with you this is just too simple.. I'm looking at other works in this contest to learn and try to do something better!!

Thank you all again!
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06/28/05 7:10 PM GMT
Great pop-art effort! Nice blend of colors and shapes - pleasant and interesting.

Great effort !!
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07/01/05 11:56 AM GMT
This is great! Excellent work!
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07/04/05 1:46 PM GMT
I think I would have liked it better without the busy little butterflies.
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07/04/05 6:35 PM GMT
Creative thinking with your font choice...good effort...Good Luck in the contest.:Pat.
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09/09/05 6:55 AM GMT
nice stuff you did
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