Down the Stairs  

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Uploaded: 11/06/03 3:38 PM GMT
Down the Stairs
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11/07/03 8:29 AM GMT
Bryce ?

Nice Job
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11/07/03 10:00 AM GMT
Yes, it's a Bryce 5 render, PuMa...
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11/07/03 11:10 AM GMT
i really like this. Great desktop background
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11/09/03 4:45 PM GMT
You have some of the best Bryce 5 images I've seen!! Keep going!
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-=The Beast Strikes Once Again!=-
11/19/03 4:43 AM GMT
Very slick image! You just HAVE to examine the reflections of the spiral stairs on the surfaces of the globes! The really clever thing is not showing the top of the stairs, it adds an element of tension - and of course, you HAVE to examine the reflections once more to see if there's anything at the top of the stairs!
Great job!
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11/21/03 10:03 PM GMT
Seeing your work Nicky wants me to go out and buy brice.
I just gota scrap that money togetha !i!
Great job.
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12/01/03 9:51 AM GMT
What an incredible image - I love it ! It's been my desktop!!!
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01/15/04 3:26 PM GMT
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01/20/04 4:26 PM GMT
Great work!!! Agree with Mythica.
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carpe diem.
01/21/04 9:02 AM GMT
Thanks everybody for your comments!
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02/02/04 5:45 PM GMT
excellent picture!
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02/07/04 9:15 AM GMT
I am in love with this image...totally awesome job. 10/10 and into my Favorites. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/08/04 11:01 PM GMT
and shes buying the heaven(sorry eheh)

anyway thats a NICE image i really like it a lot its very relaxing, plus those golden orbs are VERY reflective and nice..good job
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moment of silence please for those who never get the chance they show up to the party but they're never asked to dance the losers the liars the bastards the thieves the cynicists, the pessimists and those that don't believe in nothing -streetlight manifesto
02/09/04 10:25 AM GMT
Thanks Otaku for all your nice comments!
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03/06/04 3:44 AM GMT
I don't know how I missed this render. Great perspective and color. Creates a definitive and dramatic point of focus. Kudos!
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
03/08/04 3:29 PM GMT
Thanks, Tracy!
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Ars longaaaaa, vita brevis... Nicky
03/17/04 8:45 PM GMT

i love this graphic
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03/29/04 12:56 AM GMT
one of my favs. nice colors
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03/30/04 6:10 AM GMT
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≈#≈Only read this if you want to≈#≈
05/05/04 10:10 AM GMT
i am amazed. been here a day and i'm just amazed. do you have a deviantart account?
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05/09/04 11:49 PM GMT
Interesting .............................................................. its good

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07/14/04 1:50 PM GMT
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.z .z
07/31/04 6:12 AM GMT
Very imaginative. Where do the stairs end up?
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09/07/04 1:03 PM GMT
Great Image for visual and aesthetic reasons & which may be open to interpetation. Thanks.
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10/23/04 1:57 AM GMT
oh my goodness that is awesome. the detail in the metal spheres. just awesome.
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10/28/04 10:43 AM GMT
I love your style Nicky
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The Artist Formerly Known as B1aze!
11/16/04 4:34 AM GMT
What really impresses me is the water. It looks beautiful.
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12/17/04 4:18 PM GMT
Nice picture; a suggestion - make the stais longer... Just so it doesn't visibly end, as seen in the reflection of the further sphere. Also, maybe add a few more(spheres) somewhere far away, maybe to make it look like this has been going on for a while now. But this is a cool pix.
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01/03/05 3:29 PM GMT
great job. this is impressive 10/10
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01/28/05 8:18 PM GMT
Great motive and colors!
(It would be perfect if the stairs were just a little more realistic)
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03/04/05 7:30 AM GMT
NEAR PERFECT!... (where does it might go...H or H?)
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03/05/05 12:23 AM GMT
u guys like this stuff?!......... ME TOO!!!
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06/20/05 10:34 PM GMT
I agree with za4em9 W/O the stairs continuing it seems a little in complete, however the idea is incredible and very well executed. Clean, simple, stunning.
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09/13/05 11:53 AM GMT
That's a perfect one. Like the reflections :-)
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02/07/06 3:10 AM GMT
I don't care for abstract stuff but THIS got my attention. I like it. Good job.
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03/13/06 1:41 AM GMT
This is the image that made me join and want to lean how to create art like this
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05/08/06 3:46 PM GMT
Great texture and beautiful concept.
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03/17/07 2:10 AM GMT
Wonderful work - mysterious and beautiful. I have mixed feelings about whether the stairs should continue or not. I definitely don't think they should be realistic!

It's the reflections that make this so fantastic. Just excellent.

- cfr
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05/27/07 3:12 AM GMT
This picture reminds me of
exotic places. Wonderful picture.

From D10
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08/02/07 6:55 PM GMT
Reminds me of a passage in "Wylder's Hand". It's scary to contemplate for too long.
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08/10/07 4:05 PM GMT
Just saw this on the front page. Really NICE Bryce Work!!! :-)
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08/28/07 12:21 AM GMT
Awesome work. I love it!
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