Joe's First Attempt to Cross 4th Was Doomed  

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Uploaded: 02/19/14 9:18 PM GMT
Joe's First Attempt to Cross 4th Was Doomed
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After several days of early summer rain, circa 1903, in Bismarck, North Dakota, the dirt street in the city were nearly impassable. Horses, buggies and the trolley car that looped from Main Street north to the Capitol Grounds were the only ones who could safely travel this mudscape. Joe (in the white shirt and tie-name chosen at random) on the corner here seems to be contemplating risking his shoes and clean white shirt to the terror of the intersection of 4th Street & Broadway. The trolley ran until 1931 and, despite all this muck, the tracks did not vanish into the aquifer. Rather, about 60 years later, the tracks here were found under the asphalt during a street reconstruction project. I'm thinking this is one for Lyn's B&W challenge.


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02/19/14 9:30 PM GMT
When I see the present situation in the south-west part of England, think that people haven't learned that much from situations as depicted in your image Nik. Some countries still aren't prepared when they are 'hit' by continuous showers.

Very interesting image (as usual). To me a proper entry for the challenge.

Regards, Cornelius.
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02/19/14 10:43 PM GMT
It looks like there may be some boards for him to navigate, Knik.
That is an interesting, albeit messy, foreground.


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02/19/14 11:48 PM GMT
Yikes, what a mess!...but a fabulous old photo and a fave for me as I love the old scenes...would be a good idea to put it in the b/w challenge too...thanks for sharing and the info too, Nik.
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02/20/14 12:15 AM GMT
Cool old photo and interesting text.Adding horses to the mix makes for a fine mess.
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02/20/14 12:41 AM GMT
Very good old scene here Nik, I think it is perfect for the challenge. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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02/20/14 7:17 AM GMT
The photo tells a great story from the days of yesteryear. A great entry for the challenge Nik.
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02/20/14 9:02 AM GMT
Very good story, as usual, and nice work. Good luck.
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02/20/14 11:02 AM GMT
Great shot very well done.
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02/20/14 12:14 AM GMT
A super piece of photojournalism !
Added to the BWC :)
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03/02/14 9:39 PM GMT
Old Joe must not care about getting a little dirty. That is fine old image of days gone by but not entirely forgotten. Good one Nik.
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