Desert Dome Architecture  

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Uploaded: 05/04/19 11:04 AM GMT
Desert Dome Architecture
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Taking three years to construct, the Desert Dome in Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is the largest indoor desert in the world, housed under the largest glazed geodesic dome in the world. It's a marvel of engineering and design that's impressive even from the outside. It rises 13 stories above the ground and covers a full acre of land without any interior support columns. Inside, the desert displays exhibits from three different desert regions from around the world: the Namib Desert of southwestern Africa, the Red Center in central Australia and the Sonoran Desert of the southwest United States and northwest Mexico. What you are seeing here is a view toward the roof, with the cliff top of the Sonoran Desert at the bottom and the lighting array at the dome's peak. For scale, look to the bottom right of the array to see the exterior metal stairs through the dome, and the standard height handrail barrier along the top edge of the array. For a short walkthrough of the dome, click here. (Please excuse the jittery nature of the video.) 6.17-6


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05/04/19 11:55 AM GMT
Almost a new 7th wonder of the world, 'Nik'. Even without seeing your good photo, the reader of your narrative would have already been impressed. The distance prevents me, and probably many friends too, from taking a look at this phenomenon in person. Too bad, although your post is a good alternative to taste this experience!
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05/04/19 2:27 PM GMT
I have heard that the zoo is one of finest, I sure would like to visit it someday. This looks to be very impressive by not only your upload, but the well written narrative. tigs=^..^=
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05/04/19 2:37 PM GMT
This is the closest I will ever get to this wonder so thank you so much for showing and telling all about it. It sounds and looks amazing !
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05/04/19 3:32 PM GMT
My daughter and grandsons have been there and raved about the zoo Knik. This is an impressive shot of an impressive architectural feat.
I loved the excitement of the kids in the video.
Thanks for sharing the experience.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
05/05/19 1:49 PM GMT
You're in my neighborhood! And I'm in Kentucky this weekend.
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Jeff Hamilton
05/13/19 9:01 PM GMT
Beautiful ceiling of this building and like the angle with rocks showing us the way to the top
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