Feathered Fisherman  

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Uploaded: 06/07/21 7:06 PM GMT
Feathered Fisherman
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This fellow was hanging out close to the barrier at the Audubon Zoo, within about six feet, allowing me to get decent close-ups of his unique face. The Maguari stork is native to the tropical lowlands of South America. One of the largest of the long-legged fishing birds that wade through rivers and streams to find prey, they also can be found on pampas and plains where they hunt small rodents, toads, and insects. Small flocks of 10 to 30 birds use grasses and aquatic vegetation to build nests in trees or reed beds. Both males and females incubate two to four eggs which hatch after 29 to 32 days. The young leave the nest after two months and begin hunting for snakes, fish, and other small animals. I invite you to zoom way in to his face, until that is all you see, to get all the details of the tiny feathers on his head, the orange of his face, and the sun glancing through his eye.


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06/07/21 9:16 PM GMT
Excellent shot and quite informative commentary! I bet he could give a good poke with that beak....
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06/07/21 9:25 PM GMT
This was probably the calmest and most approachable large bird that I saw in the entire zoo.

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06/08/21 2:00 AM GMT
You say both the male and the female will incubate eggs. How interesting. I wonder do they also mate for life? Just a coincidence I'm sure but the reference to their care of their eggs and the myth of storks delivering human babies is also interesting.
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06/08/21 7:31 AM GMT
Incredible details in this 'portrait', 'Nik'.
I repeat what I've said many times before: "The one who isn't viewing a capture like this one at full screen size, is a thief of his/her own eyes."
S+F instantly. Thanks for sharing it, 👍!
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