A Cemetery for Halloween  

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A Cemetery for Halloween
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In far northeastern North Dakota, the town of Wallhalla (pop. 1,058) is home to two cemeteries. One, Hillside, is also know locally as ^The Martyrs Cemetery of Walhalla^ or the Protestant cemetery. In 1852, Walhalla had about 30 houses, built of logs and mudded smoothly inside and out, but most of the 1,200 people at that time still lived in tents made of buffalo or deerskin. Walhalla was a busy, hustling town with a mixed population of Chippewa Indians, French trappers and settlers, and those of mixed heritage called Metis (pron. may-tee). The martyrs buried in the cemetery, about a dozen of them, had been in the area to convert the local Chippewa and other tribes to Christianity, and the natives evidently had other ideas. A large monument in the middle (not pictured here) pays homage to all of them. Most were killed in a massacre in 1852, more were added after a smaller massacre in 1854. Not all the headstones indicate martyrdom but ^Mrs. Cornelia Leonard Spencer,^ reads one inscription. ^Killed by Indians August 30, 1854 at Walhalla, where she and her husband were laboring as missionaries^. I thought the antiquity of this scene made it a good submission ten days before Halloween.


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10/22/21 10:10 AM GMT
'Nik', this ancient environment in itself is not uplifting and somewhat depressing (😁) . It would make a good setting for a horror movie. That's why your title is well chosen. But luckily the early autumn tones give this scene a welcome color.
You have once again provided your photo with a very well-documented narrative. Again very interesting.

PS: the name of the place reminds me of Valhalla, in the Dutch language 'Walhalla' however. In the Norwegian mythology, Valhalla was a special heaven, reserved for the fallen in battle. The association of the name of this place with the events there could not be better (or worse?).
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10/22/21 12:55 AM GMT
I like the information that you gave with this one. I do think it's a good one for being so close to Halloween. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/25/21 3:15 PM GMT
Looks so peaceful, real nice photo.
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