A Fluid Contemplation  

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Uploaded: 08/05/22 3:48 PM GMT
A Fluid Contemplation
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Being a dad and a grampa, I'm quite used to kids bouncing off the walls. Consequently, I always enjoy catching them in more contemplative moods, like the one I shot 5 years ago of my brother's nephew, Clayton, and the one I'm posting today, of my granddaughter, Annie. I was originally thinking she was contemplating the power of thousands of gallons of water, pouring over a short stone cliff every second (foolish me). Later I discovered she was actually watching the pile of foam at the base of the rocks, hoping the wind might lift a clot of bubbles and float them through the air to where a six-year-old girl might be able to touch them. At the very least, to bring the suds to her before her sister got the chance. Siblings. What can I say. 4


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08/05/22 7:27 PM GMT
Very nice composition. I agree, this is the perfect spot to look at the falls and dream.
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08/05/22 7:51 PM GMT
The perfect title for this one Nik, I really like that she is in this image, the perfect added element. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
08/05/22 9:39 PM GMT
This is the quietest that I saw my 6-year-old granddaughter on this 3-day trip (wedding - her first). She is a very precocious princess chatterbox.

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08/06/22 8:40 AM GMT
'Nik' I was smiling about your additional comment above.

It's normal for a 6 years young granddaughter to exhibit chatterbox behavior, if not there's something wrong, 😁 !

Your photograph is again a beautiful one. I agree for more than 100% with Sandi that having your granddaughter in this capture was a good choice. She adds that the viewer - without having read your narrative - wonders what her thoughts and/or contemplations are by 'observing' this beautiful scene.
A beautiful moment captured forever with this photograph!
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08/06/22 3:01 PM GMT
I too agree your granddaughter adds much to this scene - I might have thought of that foam too at any age!
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