Celtic Fractal  

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Uploaded: 02/13/07 8:59 PM GMT
Celtic Fractal
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Please view full screen to see the detail After practicing my newly learned photoshop pen skills from nmsmith's tutorials, i decided to put myself to the test and I came up with this fractal. It has some Celtic inspiration in the design (based upon interweaving trinity knots). I choose to do it in red in spirit of valentine's day. All comments welcome.

note: i've uploaded a new image that is in a way complimentary to this image. it's called Blue Fractal


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02/13/07 9:43 PM GMT
Very rich and excellently executed. Great work. :o)

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02/13/07 10:09 PM GMT
Love this..beautiful work !!
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02/13/07 11:16 PM GMT
This is a really nice design.... love the celtic look, would make a nice pendant =).. very well done Kevin
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02/13/07 11:50 PM GMT
Cool! I like this one a lot!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
02/14/07 12:28 AM GMT
Far-out 'n' fiery works dude!! You're really getting the hang of these orb / jewel thangs!!

Totally hott piece here!!
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02/14/07 1:07 AM GMT
Doesn't look quite Celtic to me, but there are so many variations, who is to say? In any case, it's an attractive and well rendered design. Andra should be honoured!

- cfr
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02/14/07 2:36 AM GMT
Beautiful work ... perfect title also. Nicely done.
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Save the Polar Bears
02/14/07 6:18 AM GMT
thank you all for you comments :-) i really love reading them
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02/14/07 7:39 PM GMT
Very nicely designed - well done!
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02/14/07 8:50 PM GMT
Well, I liked it so well that I invited it to take a seat in my fractal file so I can enjoy it on my desktop soon. Love to know I have some fantastic coming feature attractions. Excellent job.


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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
02/20/07 1:48 AM GMT
Well red is my favorite color and with what u did with the softness in the background and the beautiful bold front design this won my heart!
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03/05/07 12:37 AM GMT
Love this also! Now I have 2 artists to download my"jewels" from! Thank you so much for a lovely desktop!!
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03/10/07 1:36 AM GMT
fave and run mode-
please know though, that i LOVE this!!!
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!
03/13/07 3:01 AM GMT
Stunningly gorgeous! Jesse
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04/02/07 3:56 PM GMT
Beautiful!! Red is my favorite color!
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Life is good.
04/04/07 1:20 AM GMT
Great concept, well executed. As good as jewels get.
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06/15/07 3:55 PM GMT
This is gorgeous. Love the Celtic feel.
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Angelle "Words are like crayons and paints. The only difference is you have to work harder to see their colors.
07/08/07 8:11 AM GMT
This is very nice. I like the fractal jewel combo...and I'm a sucker for all thing celtic. Great color too :) Amaris
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04/23/08 1:35 AM GMT
This is very cool!
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04/25/08 2:18 AM GMT
Dynamic and very beautiful! Red is so hot!
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05/09/08 1:16 PM GMT
Not sure how I missed this one, but I'm impressed. Nice work!
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07/26/08 8:38 PM GMT
Amazing image !!!
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08/19/08 5:06 PM GMT
I just made this my favorite :)
I am Irish
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11/03/09 1:50 PM GMT
Wow...Fine old jeweled post...I figured Nathan would critique this one! Favs...
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11/25/09 5:16 PM GMT
I absolutely love this! It looks like a combination of Celtic and Kyrgyz design, to be honest. I am a huge fan of the silver filigree. Added to my favorites, and it is also my wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!
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