Windmills in Holland  

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Uploaded: 02/05/05 2:27 PM GMT
Windmills in Holland
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Near my home is a dike with four windmills. They are restaurated and still in operation. On a sunny winters day, like in this picture, they present some of the most beautifull examples of engineering and architecture perfectly blending into nature.


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02/05/05 3:03 PM GMT
A beautiful image with a nice composition and color.
Good job.
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"You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams
02/05/05 6:25 PM GMT
This is such a beautiful and serence image. You can almost hear the birds singing and the wind rustling through the grass. I just adore windmills and this is definatly one of my favorite images now. I agree with you about such beautiful architechture blending into the landscape. I really feel that they represent the way life should be. Slow, deliberate and smooth movements through life, silent but making such an impact. Truely lovely work.
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"We may not get what we want, but sometimes, if we try, we get what we need." Rolling Stones
02/05/05 7:55 PM GMT
exelunt contrast composition, and the sky is cool too.
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02/05/05 9:50 PM GMT
10/10! Like a picture from a book, your composition and color are excellent. Even the clouds cooperated this day!
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02/06/05 10:11 AM GMT
Picture postcard perfect. Well done, Paul -- another fine example of your wider angle images.
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02/06/05 3:56 PM GMT
Wonderful photo. Colors are good. I like the angle of the four subjects in a row. I appreciate that you included the little building beside the tree.
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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. Georgia O'Keeffe
03/23/05 4:10 AM GMT
It looks like something you would see on a puzzle box (that is a compliment!) I'm so glad you didn't center the windmills, but instead put them on thirds, it makes the picture much more dynamic.
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Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.
05/10/05 11:56 AM GMT
Great compositio, great light. Watch the sharpness - take a look at the edge of the windmill against the sky. It loses the warmth of the photo - IMHO.
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06/25/05 1:24 PM GMT
goed genomen bij schemering
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11/29/05 3:43 AM GMT
Wonderful scenery, Its amazing that they are still in use today, great shot!
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03/18/06 8:39 PM GMT
Mr Gerritsen, I wholly concur with your views. When you consider the non-environmental, bland, and unimaginative buildings of modern civilisation, windmills should be looked at and reconsidered for use today. Your photograph is great and exudes a strong sense of nostalgic romance.
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It's better to have a living dog, than a dead lion.
03/27/06 6:15 PM GMT
Makes a perfect picture postcard. Wonderful clarity. The little house catches the eye and that tree too. Wonderful work you do...
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04/07/06 9:27 PM GMT
Very nice Paul...I'm not Dutch but...I live near Holland,Mi...they have a tulip festival every Spring...and it is something to behold...
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12/18/17 9:11 AM GMT
The simplicity and beauty of this scene is inspiring. The composition, the clarity and colors and angle are tremendous. Bravo!
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