Looking for Pumba II  

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Uploaded: 06/27/05 3:24 PM GMT
Looking for Pumba II
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Where is that chunk of meat!


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06/27/05 3:59 PM GMT
Oh my! what a face! such beauty! Thank you Paul for capturing that and posting it here.! Its just fantastic!!
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06/27/05 5:54 PM GMT
Your animal portraits of late are blowing me away. Absolutely awesome. You should publish them somehow.
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06/27/05 6:50 PM GMT
Hi Paul
Wow what a cristal clear shot.
where did you shot this one?
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"pleasure in life you get by giving"
06/27/05 7:43 PM GMT
I'm in total agreement with Nathan on this. The quality of these animal photos you're sharing with us is outstanding.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
06/27/05 8:25 PM GMT
Ten and favorites!
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06/27/05 9:11 PM GMT
Just add my echo to the rest.. 10/10..
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06/27/05 9:14 PM GMT
What a great series Paul ! Very good photos all of them ! (sorry, Im a little late....!)
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06/28/05 12:47 AM GMT
Wonderful shot, Paul! This guy looks like he'd like to eat you. <G>
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06/28/05 3:35 AM GMT
I also like this one alot. It is a very wonderful shot. If i were to leave alittle bit of critism it would be that the neck is alittle out of focus, and i think it would be better in focus. Very small detail, on an amazing shot. Keep them coming.
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"A piece of toast with butter always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet. What happens if a piece of toast is tied butter side down to the back of falling cat? Does it hover above the ground in perpetual indecision?"
06/29/05 2:18 AM GMT
He's thinking "just a little closer........and Mmmmmmmmmmmm I bet he tastes good.
Beautiful, maybe brighten it alittle and just a touch less contrast.
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06/29/05 5:08 PM GMT
Very nice photo. Looks like you have a number of wonderful animal shots in your gallery. Where were they all taken?
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07/02/05 1:59 AM GMT
Stunning shot with fantastic character. 10/10
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"Better a fantastic image of something plain, than a bad image of something great!"
07/02/05 4:26 PM GMT
Hi Paul, my, what an authoritarian demeanor this little fella has and to think you captured it all with the skills of a master. Very good job you did here Paul!! Ten's from me with pleasure! Sincerely, Marilyn
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07/04/05 6:28 AM GMT
yep thats going in my favorites for sure. love the way her whiskers stand out on the left side on her neck takes the focus from the dark area. she looks very elegant very well balanced too. keep up the good work.
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07/05/05 1:08 PM GMT
I agree with Marilyn's comments re this image and a ten from me as well - great face on this cat, great shot Paul.
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07/24/05 4:38 AM GMT
Very nice shot. Beautiful animal.
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08/05/05 3:13 AM GMT
That is totally stunning, I'm adding that to my favourites.
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08/12/05 2:08 PM GMT
hm.. looking for pumbaa or looking for a nice photographer meal :D watch out, this fellow doesn't look friendly to me ;) but the portrait is simply magnificent.
the details are tremendous, and the whole image, again - spectacular. the lighting and the shadows.. superb. focus - excellent. and the look in its eyes is so strong and stunning.. wow.

there's no need to talk more.. i love this one :) favourites and highest marks from me!
enjoy your day :)
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~~~ ...all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream... ~~~
09/18/05 1:41 AM GMT
Nice shot, very clear, although the background of the leopard is a bit grainy, it doesn't bother me, nice shot and you capture a nice expression on his/her face.
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12/09/05 3:56 PM GMT
i like this pic it's as if u captured the soul of that cat. the title's funny 2
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12/26/05 5:29 AM GMT
......oh.........this is.......nice............he'll eat me.......
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May your days be filled with much chikin, less cows and umm....EAT MOE CHICKIN!
11/25/07 11:41 PM GMT
man i would hate to be the thing that this cat is looking at. scary. but really great post
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