AlleyWay (Revised)  

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Uploaded: 02/07/07 8:08 PM GMT
AlleyWay (Revised)
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I re-did my Photo AlleyWay as you can see there is some....Grafiti on the mesh of the original, but i think i did a good job of getting rid if it, lol check the both of them out and let me know what you think. I gave a link if you want to compare them. Thanks for looking!


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02/08/07 2:10 AM GMT
You did an excellent technical job of removing the graffiti on this, I agree. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, what you have left is still an alley. I'm not a city person myself so perhaps I am missing the point..wouldn't be the first is good perspective here, but the darkness underneath that arch that made your lens cry for more light subsequently opened up so wide that the lighter background was washed out, but I'm sure you know all that..just stating the obvious, I guess. Perhaps that was the point of your presentation. Of the two, I prefer this one.


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02/09/07 9:09 PM GMT
So it's still an alley... But a fab looking alley. ^_^ First class retouch job. Just the right amount of contrast and level correction too. The best editing is done so you don't know it if you hadn't seen the original. (BTW, I love the deep dark parts of the arch. I would hate to see the background washed out more (it's just right this way).)
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02/09/07 11:23 PM GMT
Great job on the alley. I like that you removed the graffiti and tthe darkened shadows look awesome. Great emotional image.
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02/10/07 12:39 AM GMT
It evokes the feeling of "alley-ness", but being a country dweller, it isn't exactly singing to me as a subject. Technically, you did a good job centering the light and utilizing the rising staircase to lead the viewer to the interesting things straight back. While I originally didn't like the general darkness, upon further thought and examination, I think it conveys the concept better than if you had more light. There is interest in the balconies on the buildings in the background, encouraging one to (visually) mount the stairs and negotiate around the trash. I would have liked less East-West margins of darkness (I think, maybe that is needed to evoke the mood as well), and I certainly would have wanted a higher resolution. I think you should continue to photograph cityscapes as you see them, not just the pretty flowers and white statues in the park. How about something good and trite, like some old guys playing chess? :>>
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