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Uploaded: 02/03/09 3:46 AM GMT
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Image is 100% Photoshop took about 6 hours, When i was making the planet on the left i was juat about done and i kicked out the pc plug without saving the image so i had to redo it all again so the quality isn't as good as the original. That was frustrating. Anyway hope you like ;) Updated Version can be found Here


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02/03/09 4:11 AM GMT
Phil; space pictures are my favorite things. This is totally awesome dude!!!!!!!! Thanks
Is this the "unplugged" version??:):) ha ha
Bruce B
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02/03/09 12:49 AM GMT
A great image. Faved.

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Don't take any notice of my comments. I post pictures that get a CI of 0! (Well almost) Crysophilax's Gallery and Web Page
02/03/09 5:01 PM GMT
Practice makes perfect, I guess. Don't you just hate it when something dumb like that happens?

At any rate it turned out to be a very fine work.

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We donít make art to show someone what something looks like. All this requires is eyes (or a lens). Art is supposed to have meaning, emotion, power, or magic. Alan & Mario "FourThirds"
02/03/09 8:18 PM GMT
It is a great space image. I like the atmosphere and the lighting is wonderful. Very good work!
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02/04/09 12:22 AM GMT
excellent creation:)
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02/18/09 7:21 PM GMT
Just found it... very fine work, plug or no plug. :-)
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03/12/09 2:06 AM GMT
the computer section on this website is the best. good contribution sir
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05/29/09 5:15 AM GMT
Magnificent, amazing, awesome, and probably a hundred other words for this wicked good creation! The depth and feel of this is as tho I am 'out there.' So fantastic Phil.I would like to have one whole wall in my art room covered with this. How kewl that would be! they say "you rock.!" V
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
08/30/09 5:47 PM GMT
cool, nice textures; and what's that's structure on the larger planet?!
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10/19/09 8:30 PM GMT
Great desktop image ... Beautiful job ...
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11/30/09 11:05 PM GMT
veery pretty
kinda makes me want to explore space :)
well done
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oh no

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