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Apohpysis and PS...also used the faerie sketch from *Fallen* in this as I thought the Apophysis flame looked like it had angel wings in the centre...hope you like it!...PrettyFae x


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06/17/05 5:52 PM GMT
Another masterpiece.. She looks just lovely..
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06/17/05 5:55 PM GMT
Thanks Mrowyn :)

PS: Sorry that this image seems a little blurred...I should have known this would's that damn *red* thing again!!!...Hehe...nothing a little sharpening won't sort out ^_^
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06/17/05 7:44 PM GMT
You're very much right about the flames appearing to be wings; the silver flames(I assume they are flames,but I know nothing about Apophysis,so don't hold me to it) look like wings while the red ones(again,assuming they are the flames)look like a heart. A very nice touch,and an even better image. Great job, and don't worry about the blur:)
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06/18/05 5:36 AM GMT
Amazing work always! Very nice.=0)
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~Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday~
06/18/05 1:58 PM GMT
Thankyou both ^_^
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06/23/05 6:05 PM GMT
very good, 10/10. Keep em' up.
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06/30/05 5:22 PM GMT
Oh! This is very cool! You did a great job! I love IT!!!
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07/10/05 7:53 AM GMT
oh wow thats cool, very nice 10/10
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07/10/05 9:16 AM GMT
Thanks guys :]
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08/01/05 1:55 AM GMT
Very Demonic, Yet Mysterious I Love It, Well Done.
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The Hunt Begins
08/13/05 1:15 PM GMT
Looks like the angel is about to be engulfed excellent work really caught my eye
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09/05/05 10:40 AM GMT
I love it... red is my favorite colour
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11/12/05 4:21 AM GMT
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I'm not a flyer, i'm a faller.
12/13/05 4:48 AM GMT
Why am I not surprised you're the one behind this interesting creation... because all your work is remarkable.
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06/15/06 11:37 AM GMT
Wow this is really nice,
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07/12/06 11:39 PM GMT
i love this. with the hues of red/grey/black, youd think that it was supposed to have a sinister feel to it...but i think the person appears somewhat melancholy. love it.
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09/06/06 10:48 AM GMT
The "sinister feel" with such a beautiful being is what makes it truly mean something!
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07/30/07 11:05 PM GMT
very nice, another great piece well done!
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11/24/07 9:22 PM GMT
Very nice. This is my current background!

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"Judge not lest ye be judged" Matthew 7:1
12/18/07 6:23 AM GMT
Nice, kinda sends a "Don't Give Up" type message
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Aggression, the writer's main source of energy. - Ted Solotaroff
05/28/10 6:22 AM GMT
Wowsers! I missed this one too...Thou art a master...Favs...
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12/05/10 8:55 PM GMT
Beautiful piece! Whose face is at the bottom point?
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